Useful Airbnb Cleaning Service Checklist to Keep Your Property Clean

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Many people assume that Airbnb is like any other house when it comes to keeping it clean. They think it doesn’t need special cleaning products or techniques when cleaning it. But the truth is, the attractiveness of an Airbnb depends on the online reviews it receives. You might think that a few stains or dust bunnies are not a big deal. But that’s usually the reason a guest needs to give you a one or two-star rating on Airbnb.

Keep in mind that all it takes is a few negative reviews to discourage people to look at your listing on Airbnb. As such, you should ensure your rental property is always in tiptop shape. This way, you can get a high rate from previous visitors. This article will tell you what are the tasks involved in Airbnb cleaning service. It will also provide you with a list of tools you need to include in your Airbnb cleaning kit.

Airbnb Cleaning Service Checklist to Keep Your Property Clean

Remember that you have to be thorough when cleaning your Airbnb property. You should make sure to have the space ventilated all the time. After all, it’s no secret that inside air is often more polluted than outside air. So, you should not let the smell of stale air be the first thing your guests notice when they enter your rental.

Make sure you dust every nook and cranny you can get at. The kitchen is an especially important area, that’s why you need to wipe every inch. You should not forget to clean the appliances and empty the fridge. You should also make sure that all trash cans should be 100% empty. This way, none of your guests should find any trash left by the previous visitors.

Remember that a dirty bathroom will get you bad ratings faster than anything else. So you should take your time and make it shine. You should also not forget to clear the drainage all the time. Moreover, you don’t want your clients finding stray hairs all over the place. Make sure to double-check every corner and piece of furniture to ensure they are hair-free.

If you want to make sure your Airbnb is always clean, you’ll need these tools for your cleaning kit. Make sure to have them in easy-to-find storage. You can place them together in a simple 12-gallon bucket to carry from room to room.

  • Disinfectants for bathrooms and other germ-prone areas in the Airbnb
  • Detergent
  • Glass cleaner
  • Magic eraser
  • Microfiber rags
  • Multi-purpose spray
  • Razor blades or chisel
  • Scrub pads
  • Swiffer/mop and broom
  • Toilet brush
  • Paper towels
  • Vacuum
  • Wood polish

Keep in mind that you should never place chemicals in a container they did not come in.

Having a detailed checklist ensures that cleaning is always carried out. With a checklist, you can check the quality of cleaning as per the points written on it. Here are some of the tasks involved in

Airbnb cleaning service:

  • Make sure to check for any left-behind items. You should remove and store them in safekeeping.
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash.
  • You should wipe and sanitize high-touch areas. These include light switches, door handles and doorknobs, and the handles of cupboards.
  • Make sure to vacuum and sanitize all the floors and carpets
  • Don’t forget to wash and change all the sheets and towels
  • Make sure to dust all the surfaces and furniture
  • Make sure to clean shelves and wipe the dust off decorative items
  • Don’t forget to clean and sanitize toilets, bathtubs, and showers
  • Make sure to replenish supplies. These include hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and other supplies.

Cleaning Checklist for Kitchens

  • Make sure to wipe down and disinfect the outside of all the appliances, drawers, and cupboards
  • Don’t forget to clean all the utensils. You should run them through the dishwasher if you have one.
  • Make sure to clean the stove
  • Make sure to clean hoods and vents
  • Don’t forget to wipe down the microwave inside and out
  • Do wipe down the inside of the refrigerator
  • Keep the sink and sink drain clean and throw out leftover food
  • Don’t forget to replace the dirty garbage bag with a clean one

Cleaning the Bathrooms

  • Sanitizing and cleaning toilet
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks, tub, and/or shower
  • Making the faucet and the mirror shine with a window cleaner
  • Cleaning tile surfaces and grout
  • Clearing the tub/shower drain from hair or blockages
  • Change/launder bathroom linen

Cleaning the Bedrooms

  • Replace the used linens of slept-in beds with fresh ones
  • Clear any trash in the rooms
  • Dust all surfaces in the bedrooms
  • Clean windows in the rooms
  • Disinfect light switches or remotes
  • Dust clean light fixtures or ceiling fans
  • Emptying out all dressers and closets
  • Polishing furniture
  • Vacuuming under the bed for dust
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor of the rooms

Cleaning the Utility Rooms

  • You should make sure there is no trash or lint in the dryer
  • Don’t forget to wipeout washer and dryer
  • Make sure to disinfect the knobs, buttons, and doors of the machines
  • Make sure to clean the sink and clear out the sink drain
  • Make sure to clean windows and blinds
  • Make sure to refill cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and softener
  • Make sure to check whether laundry baskets or drying racks are clean and ready to use
  • Make sure to dust baseboards and moldings
  • Don’t forget to clean/vacuum floors and rugs

Keep in mind that any rental property should be as spotless as a 5-star hotel. After all, you want to be the best host for your guests. To do that, you need to keep your property clean.

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