Back to school and busier than ever?

School Bus | PCT Clean

While this year has been anything but normal, back to school season is sneaking up on us as always. With the ongoing discussion about how to make school safe in person, or productive at home, many of us have overlooked how dramatic the back to school routine can be in ordinary years.

After weeks of downtime, often without the fun and distractions of camp and trips to the beach, kids are getting to go back to school. Imagine the morning rush, coffee, showers, packing textbooks, lunches, projects, one kid won’t get out of bed, another won’t stop hogging the bathroom, finally getting everyone into the car or dropped at the bus stop, and off to work or the home office. Take a deep breath.

This year may have fewer afterschool programs available to students and so sports and clubs may be limited, but balancing picking kids up from school, helping with homework, errands, and work can be daunting, to say the least.

When the kids are finally in bed, it’s hard to think about cleaning up the kitchen or tackling dirty bathrooms, and more often than not, we pour ourselves a glass of wine and sink into the couch. 

While we can’t help you navigate the new math curriculum, we can let you come home to a clean house. Let us take one major task off your plate and give you peace of mind during the back to school season. Call us or click here to get a quote and add sanity back into your schedule.