Best Ways to Do Your Bedroom Fall Cleaning

Bedroom Fall Cleaning | PCT Clean

The fall season is well on its way. Homeowners are starting to use their fireplaces. They have a throw or two on the couch. People are also covering up and wearing warmer clothes.

The cooler weather encourages people to spend more time indoors. They’ll be using the living room more often. There’s also higher foot traffic as people move around their homes. The result is more dust and debris to deal with. But it will be easier to handle this if you do some fall cleaning first.

Fall cleaning and spring cleaning follow the same principles. It’s deep cleaning in preparation for the changing season. Cleaning every room of the house is challenging regardless of the season. It’s best if you focus on one room at a time. Why not start with a bedroom fall cleaning? It’s where you’ll be spending a lot of time as the weather gets cold. Here’s the best way to go about this.

Start High

Professional cleaners will start by focusing on the ceiling before proceeding down. They’ll brush away the dust from the ceiling, the lighting fixtures, and the ceiling fan. This is the most efficient way to clean. The dust and dirt from higher surfaces will fall and settle down. It then becomes a simple matter of picking them up.

You should pay close attention to the ceiling fan. Dust the blades as often as you can. It keeps the fan blades clean and also reduces allergens. Don’t forget to flip the direction switch on your fan. You want the blades to move in a clockwise direction during the cold season. This is to ensure heated air is circulating.

Wash Heavy Beddings

Fall is perfect for cozying up under the covers. You’ll have an even better time if the bedding is clean and fresh. But many people overlook the heavier layers, like a comforter or quilt. The duvet might be too big for the washing machine. Or the comforter needs to be dry cleaned and you don’t have a spare. That shouldn’t be an excuse to wash them, especially as they can become covered with allergens and dirt.

Pay Attention to Your Pillows

You should wash pillows twice a year at the very least. Why not wash it before autumn starts in earnest? It will mean you’ll be relaxing on clean pillows for the rest of the year. Washing pillows isn’t rocket science. Have the cleaning services company to chuck them in the washing machine. It can then be air dried. You can also use the lowest setting on the dryer to speed things up.

Organize Your Closets

It’s best practice to declutter and organize your closets every season. Take out all your summer clothes and pack them away. It’s also a good time to de-stash and get rid of old clothes. You’ll now have more space for your jackets, sweaters, and boots.

Nightstand drawers and bedside tables should also receive the same treatment. You don’t want to wade through a drawer full of sunscreen lotion during winter.

Give Windows a Royal Treatment

Most homeowners close their homes during fall and winter. They’ll shut the windows and draw the drapes. But clean the blinds and shutters before you do that. They’ve become exposed to a lot of dust during summer. You should also change curtains or have them washed.

Enjoy a Cozy Autumn

A clean and cozy home makes the cold season easier to bear. PCT Clean can set the stage for you. Our company has been in the cleaning business for years. Our experience and dedication have helped push us to the top. We guarantee your space will be clean and fresh in no time. Our team of well-trained cleaners will see to that. Our services include home cleaning and office cleanups. We also do commercial cleaning and move-in, and move-out cleaning. You can ring us at (770) 422-5326 and book a cleaning schedule. You can also request a quote here.