Best Practices for Caring for Your Holiday Tablecloths

Caring for Your Holiday Tablecloths PCT Clean

The countdown to the holidays has started. You’ll be hard-pressed to see stores that don’t have a decoration or two. There’s a good chance you’re also thinking about upcoming holiday celebrations. If you’re like the millions of other homeowners, you’re already planning a dinner party or two.

Half the fun of hosting a party is preparing for it. People love to decorate their tables with beautiful crystal glasses and shiny silverware. This is all offset by crisp white linen or a tablecloth in luxurious color. Every family has a special tablecloth for momentous occasions. These often see action during the holidays.

Tablecloths have a long history of transforming a simple meal into an elegant event. But that’s not all a tablecloth does. It also protects the table from scratches and spills. It also provides extra padding so glasses and plates won’t break.

This usefulness is why we should take special care with our tablecloths. Caring for your holiday tablecloths isn’t as scary or challenging as you think. But you should know some simple rules when it comes to fabric care.

Check Your Linen

Most households have an average of three sets of tablecloths. These could come with cloth napkins and placemats. Table runners and decorative kitchen towels are also a must. It’s best to gather all your linen and check them. They might have stains that you didn’t notice before. The edges might have become frayed or insects might have eaten a hole through them.

Examine them well then decide the next course of action. Do they need a quick wash and iron? Some might need a bit of sewing repair. Doing this before the holidays will save you time and stress. You don’t want to discover that your tablecloths are no good the day before your party.

Use the Appropriate Washing Method

Professional cleaners know the best method for cleaning tablecloths. You can wash items made of cotton and cotton blends with the rest of your laundry. But only if the clothes are also made of cotton. The general rule is to wash similar fibers together.

Do you have delicate table covers? Wash lace tablecloths or those with intricate details alone. This is to ensure the delicate edging or details are not pulled or snagged by other clothes.

Tablecloths, napkins, and the like made from linen also need special treatment. Wash and rinse them using cold water. Use a gentle cycle and a light detergent. Machine dry them to the point that they’re damp. Then air dry or iron them.

Treat Stains ASAP

The first rule when it comes to stains is to deal with them fast. Scrape off whatever caused the stain, whether it’s gravy or butter. Place a damp cloth on the spot to absorb as much of moisture as possible. It also prevents the stain from setting. Spray or rub it with several drops of liquid detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes. You can then try to wipe off the stain.

Think about Storage

The way you store tablecloths will determine whether you can use them again next year. Professional cleaning services say wrapping them in roller tubes is ideal. You can also fold them over a large pants hanger. Another way is to fold and store them in a place that’s dry and cool. Stack them flat along with your other tablecloths.

Call for a Stress-Free Holiday

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