How to Easily Clean Your Home After the Holiday Parties 

Clean Your Home After the Holiday Parties | PCT Clean

Holiday parties are something to look forward to. However, the filth after these parties is less appealing, especially to the host. Don’t worry, here is a quick guide to help you clean up your home after the fun holiday parties. 

For others who do not have the time to clean, the Prestigious Cleaning Team is just a call away. 

It’s time to give your home’s surfaces a thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to launder all of your linens, vacuum the carpets, floors, and baseboards, and clean out your refrigerator by eating the last of those delicious leftovers, or you can also store them for future consumption. According to experts, you can still eat leftovers within three to four days.  

For more detailed cleaning instructions, read the rest of this post. 

Appliances You Need To Clean Up 

Always clean your kitchen equipment after you’ve finished cooking and partying.Below is a list to help you so you won’t miss anything. 

  • Fridge and freezer
  • Mixers
  • Blenders
  • Oven 
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink
  • Under sink 
  • Kitchen cabinets and drawers

Use a disinfectant cleanser or a simple mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water. There are also a number of natural cleansers that may provide the necessary degree of cleaning and odor prevention. On whatever surface, avoid using aggressive cleaning agents.

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Vacuum and Deep Clean Furniture and Upholstery

This is something you should do at least twice a year, so the post-holiday season is typically a good time to do it. Your windows have most likely been shut during the cold months and your furniture will most likely need cleaning.

  • Vacuum your fabric furniture thoroughly. This will remove any stray dirt, hair, or stains.
  • Spot clean. Wine stains are unlikely to be removed after the event, but it never hurts to attempt to remove some dirt beforehand.
  • Spray with a water-and-essential-oil. Diluted essential oils may be used to freshen up linens and keep your living and entertainment rooms feeling nice.

Remove the Christmas Tree Sap

Rubbing alcohol may be used to remove sap from washable garments, knit gloves, and carpets. Saturate the spot with alcohol, let it rest for a minute, and then wash in warm water with ordinary detergent. Heat sets stains, so make sure all of the sap has been removed before using the dryer. 

Holiday Decorations Should Be Cleaned and Stored

As you take down your decorations, clean them and store them in properly labeled, closed containers, boxes, or plastic bags. While specialized containers may seem like an indulgence, they are intended to protect valuable decorations from dust, mildew, and damage. 

If feasible, organize the decorations into categories based on which area of your home you use them in.

Here’s a quick trick if you are about to take down the lights. Wrap light strings around a piece of cardboard or a paper towel tube to keep them organized and simple to unravel for the next season.

Pick the Presents You’ll Likely Use

It’s OK to go through your presents and determine what you’ll really use. This can essentially save space in your home. Many of us have well-meaning relatives who, year after year, are completely unaware of our specific preferences. There’s no need to keep stuff in your closet that you’ll never use. Consider donating some of these presents. 

If you received amazing things this holiday but have less space, consider giving any of your older stuff that is worn out or hasn’t been used in years.

Make Good Use of Christmas Cards 

Keep a note of who sent you the cards you received in the mail. Use this as a thank-you list or the beginning of your Christmas card list for the next year. Then, clip the photos off the charming cards, attach thread, and use them as free gift tags. Throw the ones you don’t want in the bin. 

Remember, Winter Isn’t Over 

The holidays may be gone, but winter isn’t. Make sure your house is ready for a few more months of snow. Keep a boot tray by the entrance for soaking wet shoes. This will keep dirt from getting inside your house. 

The Prestigious Cleaning Team For After-Holiday Cleaning Needs

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