Best Practices to Follow When Cleaning Churches Post-COVID

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Churches play such a vital role in almost every community. They’re places of worship and a space where people of all ages and denominations can get together. Churches are also one of the most popular hubs in the community. People go there to celebrate important life events. These places also provide a sanctuary for those grieving or in pain.

The pandemic forced churches to close down their doors. Now the world is returning to normal and people can once again go to church. But the threat of COVID is still lingering, which is why it’s important for churches to always remain clean.

Cleaning churches isn’t the same as cleaning the office or a house. Most churches have a custodian to do the cleaning. But they might not be ready to handle the deep cleaning or disinfecting that’s needed these days. The job is better handled by professional cleaners. They know what to do in a thorough and respectful manner. They will also follow these best practices:

Narrow Down Heavy Traffic Areas

A professional cleaning company can pinpoint areas that are often used. It’s critical to know where these places are so they can prepare for them. They might have to use different equipment or cleaning solutions. For example, they might need a vacuum and a polishing machine too. High-use areas might also need a deeper disinfecting process.

Handle Pews with Care

Pews are one of the most important and used items inside a church. These special benches are always used by hundreds of people during mass. Cleaning them was a simple matter. Church cleaners only have to dust and polish them. But that was before the coronavirus reared its head. Now you need to wipe them down with disinfectant.

A good cleaning services company will also consider the pew’s material. Wooden pews are always treated with more care than plastic ones. They should also be deep cleaned and polished every few months. This is to make up for the spills and scratches the pews experience. It also ensures the benches will remain in top condition.

Pay Attention to Public Restrooms

Public facilities are better off handled by professional cleaning services. Public toilets are a hotbed for bacteria and germs. It’s necessary to clean and disinfect this area every week. Expert cleaners will clean and sanitize every fixture and door handle. They’ll also pay attention to toilets, urinals, and countertops.

The top cleaning teams won’t forget to clean and disinfect baby changing stations and trash bins. These areas need special attention. They might contain diapers, wet wipes, and other items carrying body fluids.

Time it Right

Timing is everything when it comes to church cleaning. Every chemical solution or disinfectant has a specific period to follow. Some bleach-based cleaners must remain on the surface for five minutes before rinsing. Wiping it down after only a minute will leave germs on the surface.

Some products also have to become rubbed into the surface. The time it takes to do so ensures the chemical penetrates the area. A simple spray and wipe-down are ineffective. It’s also a waste of time and effort since the area isn’t clean. Church cleaning should also happen on days or times when no one is using the space. There should be minimal disruptions so the surfaces will remain clean. Many cleaning solutions contain chemicals. You want to lessen people’s exposure to them.

Professional and Trustworthy Cleaners

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