Cleaning For A Reason

Giving the gift of a clean home.

A Clean Home Is A Place for Healing

PCT Clean is a proud partner of the organization, Cleaning For A Reason for one good reason – we believe that a clutter-free home is a place for health, wellness, and healing. Through this cause, we help women undergoing chemotherapy focus on their recovery by giving them FREE cleaning services

What is Cleaning For A Reason? 

✔️ It’s an organization established by Debbie Sardone with the goal of assisting cancer patients.

✔️ Since 2005, they have helped over forty thousand people with free cleaning services.

✔️ Anyone can participate. Even non-cleaning companies and individuals can be part of this cause by donating.

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Making A Difference Through Compassion and Cleaning

It has been a great honor and joy to partner with Cleaning for a Reason. In 2006 we learned about this cause and jumped at the chance to help women during this challenging and difficult time. We continue to support this advocacy by providing a clean home, completely free of charge.




PCT Clean is committed to providing 2 FREE Cleanings to women undergoing chemo treatment. We’re here to support you so you can focus on your healing.

Cleaning For A Reason | PCT Clean

Why Cleaning For A Reason Matters To Us

Humanity is beautiful.

Everyone is affected by the big C. You may have a family member, a friend, or someone you know who is undergoing chemo, and if there’s a way we can relieve the pressure for the lady of the house, then we are making a difference.

Women take a lot of pride in their home, and when the home is not what they want it to be, they can become hurt emotionally or get depressed or frustrated easily. When that happens, healing takes longer.

It is a pleasure to serve these women and make things lighter for them. When we get the call to go out and literally take care of them, I know that we’re doing God’s work in their homes.

-RJ Patel, CEO/Owner of PCT Clean


We want to help you. 

Visit the website.

Go to Cleaning For A Reason page to get started.

Complete the form.

Fill out the short patient application form. If you know someone who may need our service, you may also apply on their behalf.


We’ll find a match.

Once Cleaning For A Reason receives your request, they will find a participating cleaning company that matches your cleaning service request.

Help To Heal

You, too, can be part of this cause. Join us as we create clean spaces for healing. Get involved by donating to the cleaning services our community provides. Our little kindness can go a long way. Click the link to donate.

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