Easy DIY Summer Fragrances to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

DIY Summer Fragrances to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh | PCT Clean

The nose knows more than we give it credit for. Actually, it’s more our sense of smell than our nose. It tells us if we’re in danger. It also brings us to our happy place.

Experts say that smell is the strongest sense humans have. It provides us with a deluge of information. It also evokes a myriad of emotions. It helps with memory recall and with decision-making. It’s because there’s a link between the areas of the brain that process memories and smells.

Its connection to memory is also why many homeowners want their homes to smell good. A house that smells moldy will drive visitors away. You also won’t like it if your living room smells like a wet cat. Meanwhile, a pleasant-smelling house does wonders for your mood. It’s why millions of people look for ways to make their homes feel like summertime. It makes them feel more energetic and positive. The good news is there are dozens of DIY summer fragrances to keep your home smelling fresh.

There are different ways to make your home smell like your favorite season. Many professional cleaning services use cleaning solutions with a lovely or fresh aroma. Some might even spray the room with the scent their client prefers. Placing fresh flowers and candles will also do the trick.

One of the best ways though is to make your own fragrant solutions. Here are some DIY recipes you can do in a jiffy.

Make a Mason Jar Freshener

You don’t need to buy an expensive air freshener to have a great-smelling home. You can make do with a small mason jar, baking soda, and your favorite essential oil.

Your first step should be to clean and sanitize the jar. Wipe it and make sure it’s completely dry. Then pour half a cup of baking soda inside the jar. Put in 10 to 12 drops of essential oil on the baking soda. The oil drops will infuse the soda. It will also spread the scent throughout the room.

You can leave the jar open. Another option is to place a piece of cheesecloth or muslin over the jar. Secure it with a pretty ribbon or an interesting band. You can also poke some holes in the jar’s lid. It will diffuse the scent but won’t look as nice.

You can reactive your DIY freshener by shaking the jar. You can also add five or more drops of essential oil to the mixture once the scent starts to fade.

Create Some Simmer Scents

A simmering potpourri is another easy way to make your home smell amazing. The steps are so simple anyone can do it. Your first task is to cut up all the ingredients. These can be sprigs of herbs or fruits. Add them to a small pot. A saucepan will also do in a pinch. Pour some water. It should cover the ingredients until they float.

Place the pot on the stove. Heat it until it starts to boil. Turn down the heat until the mixture is simmering. The scent will soon waft up and fill the room. Add more liquid as the simmering solution boils down. You can do this every half hour or so. Make sure you check the potpourri often. You don’t want to burn the fruits or set fire to your home.

Many homeowners leave the pot of simmering scents on the stove as long as they like. But that could be bad for your electric bill. What you can do is place the liquid in a glass jar. Do this once it cools down, of course. Place the jar in the refrigerator to store. You can heat it up the next day or give it to the cleaning services company to use.

Try these combinations in your simmer pot:

  • Cut one lemon. Add some sprigs of lavender and two teaspoons of vanilla extract.
  • Place the peel of two oranges in a pan. Add two teaspoons of vanilla extract.
  • Cut up one lime. Add some ginger slices and peppermint leaves. You can also use a peppermint extract if you don’t have the leaves.
  • Like the smell of Williams Sonoma? Who doesn’t? You can recreate it by simmering a sprig of rosemary with the rind of one lemon. Add a teaspoon of vanilla.
  • Those who want a tropical smell should cut up one lime. Add it to a pot of water and half a cup of pineapple juice. Mix in two teaspoons of coconut extract.

Come Up with Your Own Diffuser

Don’t like the idea of leaving a candle burning in your home? A reed diffuser is a perfect solution for you. The reed or bamboo draws the scented liquid in. The scent then diffuses throughout the room. It’s safe and fuss-free. It’s also easy to do.

You need a diffuser bottle. You can reuse your old diffuser bottle. You can also repurpose old jars or a seldom-used bud vase. Fill the bottle halfway with water. Add two to three tablespoons of good vodka. Mix in your favorite essential oil. The ideal ratio is 12 drops to a quarter cup of liquid. Mix the solution well. Place the wooden skewers or reed in the bottle. Soak it for a few minutes. Then turn the reed upside down. The submerged part should now be on top.

Fresh Smelling Homes is Our Forte

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