Most Efficient and Effective Way of Cleaning Public Toilets

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Access to safe and clean restrooms is critical to public health. Governments that make sanitation a priority can reduce incidents of illness and death. Businesses would do well to invest in public toilets and ensure they’re always clean.

A survey showed that 64% choose a commercial establishment based on their restrooms. Many Americans also equate a clean toilet with a high-quality company or brand.

It’s why many companies hire top professional cleaning services. They want to ensure their public toilets are always clean and sanitized. After all, a smelly bathroom isn’t the impression you want a client to associate your business with.

There’s a proper approach to cleaning public toilets. The best cleaning service goes about the job in this general order. It maximizes their time and ensures they do an effective job.

Focus on Your Protection First

Professional cleaners know that their safety comes first. You don’t have to wear an entire PPE suit but gloves are essential. This is to ensure your hands are always protected against chemicals. It also reduces the transference of bacteria. Safety goggles are also a must.

Announce Your Presence

You want to make sure people know the public toilet is undergoing cleaning. You should knock and announce you’ll be cleaning the area. Block entry once you’ve checked that there’s no one inside. Place signs like “wet floor” or “cleaning in progress.”

Do an Initial Clean

Start by removing trash and dirt around urinals and toilet bowls. Put urinal filters in a container filled with disinfectant.

Flush toilets. It will clear the existing water in the bowl. It’s also good to check if the toilet is working right. Treat the toilet’s exterior with a cleaning agent. Let it stand based on the cleaner’s dwell time. The term refers to the time disinfectant must remain on a wet surface. This ensures that germs and bacteria are now killed.

Focus on High-Touch Areas

Apply a disinfectant to areas that are often used, like toilet bowls and urinals. Sinks and soap dispensers are also high-touch items. Don’t forget to disinfect the door handles as well. Leave the disinfectant on the items for several minutes.

Pay Attention to the Toilet Bowl

Apply a good toilet bowl cleaner to the inner part of the bowl. Start the application close to the rim. Let the solution stand for several minutes. A professional cleaning company uses a non-acidic cleaner for certain toilets. This is ideal for bowls maintained on a regular basis. An acid cleaner is good for toilets with water stains.

Dust and Sweep

Dust all available surfaces, like countertops and lighting fixtures. You should also clean the vents and the ceiling. Sweep up afterward. Start from one corner and move towards the door.

Start Emptying and Refilling Receptacles

Empty all trash receptacles. Efficient local cleaning services have a dedicated garbage bag for trash from restrooms. Disinfect every trash bin before putting in a new liner.

You should also check paper towel dispensers and refill them as necessary. Do the same for the soap dispensers. You should also stock up the supplies of any vending machines inside the public toilet.

Time to Wash and Polish

Start washing down the walls and fixtures once the dwell time for the disinfectant is over. Don’t forget to include the high-touch items. A good cleaning services company will use a disposable microfiber cloth for this job. This is to prevent cross-contamination.

Finish Up by Mopping

Wrap it up by mopping the floor. Use a microfiber mop and a good cleaning solution. Microfiber is ideal as it uses less water. Make sure the floor is dry before opening the public toilet for use.

Making Sure the Public is Safe

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