Favorite Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Favorite Cleaning Tools | PCT Clean

Here is a list of the most important cleaning products we think no home should be without. Nothing beats a clean and organized home. Start with the suggestions below and gradually invest in dependable house cleaning products.

Best Cleaning Supplies 

Buying cleaning supplies should be a part of your monthly expenditures. If you think about it, this is more than just for aesthetic purposes. When you have a clean and safe environment, you are also protecting your health. 

Cleaning Sponge 

There is a vast selection of sponges available. It’s convenient to keep a standard sponge on hand, particularly one with an abrasive side, to clean any muddy, dirty surface. A  Scrub Daddy that changes texture in response to temperature and silicone sponges are all good options.

Microfiber Cloths

Getting a handful of microfiber cloths can increase your cleaning prowess. These w on’t scratch or leave streaks behind, making them ideal for cleaning windows. They may frequently clean surfaces on their own or with just a little water.

Dish Towels 

You should keep a lot of dish towels at hand, and you can find these almost anywhere, including hardware stores. You might want to choose white clothes so you can tell when they’re unclean. You can quickly bleach and disinfect them without causing damage. If you want a sustainable alternative, you can just use an old shirt. 


Showers must be equipped with a squeegee. These tiny gadgets can prevent the growth of mold and mildew. You’ll know it’s time to change the squeegee’s blade if it is leaving streaks or just isn’t working like before. 

Spray Bottle

If you need to wash something off with water or if you want to attempt making your own cleaners, have spray bottles at home. We recommend glass bottles as these can withstand anything.  


A good-sized bucket is necessary because you may use it for mopping and for other household activities. In addition, you can store your cleaning supplies here. You can easily buy one from a nearby hardware store. 

Scrub Brush 

Keep an all-purpose scrub brush on tile, tubs, fixtures, and difficult stains. Remember, a sponge or cloth doesn’t always work. You may also use an old dish brush that you no longer use. If you need something more refined, then you can get an old toothbrush instead. 

Broom, Dustpan and Mop 

You will need tools to clean any hard surfaces you have, such as wood, tile, cork, and linoleum. Most individuals can get by with a broom and dustpan and/or a dust mop. However, you should first read the directions for cleaning various types of flooring. For example, a wet mop will clean up spills and remove grime from the floor.


To keep floors clean and to avoid allergies, you need one of these machines. It doesn’t matter what brand your vacuum is. As long as it does the job, then you’re good. 

Latex-Free Gloves 

Protect your hands while cleaning by using latex-free gloves. These are also ideal, especially if you are having allergies. After cleaning, we also recommend moisturizing your hand with a lotion. 

Extendable Duster

Even if you’re an obsessive cleaner, there will always be more dust, especially in places where the eye can’t see it. This is where an extendable duster can help you. It expands, adjusts, and rotates so you can change angles while reaching the highest points and farthest corners. 

Where To Store Your Cleaning Tools and Supplies?

Your cleaning products should be arranged and kept in a convenient location for quick access. If you don’t have to go through a mess of supplies or can quickly locate your cleaning tools, you’ll be more likely to clean frequently.

Vertical Space on Doors

Hooks can be used to hang mops and brooms on the inside of a door. Place low hooks for dustpans, dusters, and small scrub brushes, and add plastic baskets to keep containers. Your spray bottles can be placed from a towel bar. 

Lazy Susan 

For simpler access to cleaning products in cabinets, use a lazy Susan. This will make it easier for you to use every product and monitor when it’s time to restock supplies.

Prestigious Cleaning Team Can Help You 

We understand if you may not have all the cleaning supplies at home. If that’s the case, the Prestigious Cleaning Team can help you. We’ve invested in the best cleaning tools and we can make your home spotless. Our team also does other cleaning services

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