How are the Different Nursing Home Rooms Cleaned?

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Independence is important to everyone. It becomes even more crucial the older we get. Many senior citizens cling to their independence. It tells them they’re still their own person. It also gives them a sense of purpose and control.

Losing their independence is one of the biggest fears of older adults. But it’s not a realistic proposition for many people. One in five adults over the age of 80 need help with their daily activities. So how can you or an older relative maintain your independence? Remember that you also want their needs cared for.

A nursing home or senior care facility is a good solution. It’s also something that millions of Americans are now embracing. Statistics show that about 1.5 million older Americans live in nursing homes. A million live in assisted living facilities. Meanwhile, about 33 million live in a senior community.

Why Nursing Homes are a Good Option

Moving from your own home to a nursing home or care facility isn’t an easy decision. There’s the fear that you will lose your old life. But moving to a senior facility has many benefits.

  • Daily Help: Many senior citizens need help with basic tasks. They might have problems running errands or taking a bath. Some often forget their medication or need more care. A nursing home can provide the help you need.
  • 24/7 Health Care: Senior care facilities provide on-site health care. There are doctors and nurses on-hand to ensure everyone is well-cared for. Nursing homes also provide a higher level of care for older people. Their staff knows how to care for people with dementia, cancer, or Parkinson’s. They can also provide the right therapy to help your loved one get better.
  • No Cleaning and Cooking: Some chores get harder with age. Bending down to scrub the toilet is never easy, especially when you’re a bit older. Cooking also becomes difficult and dangerous for seniors. You won’t have to worry about them in a nursing home. These facilities work with top local cleaning services. They ensure residents don’t have to worry about housekeeping. They also provide hot and healthy meals every day.

How are Nursing Home Rooms Cleaned?

Cleanliness is critical in a nursing home. Many of the residents will have weakened or compromised immune systems. A simple cold can lead to a dire outcome in many circumstances. It’s why many senior care facilities only work with the best professional cleaners.

Cleaning nursing home rooms are different from doing residential cleaning. The cleaning services company has to be thorough. They also have to use different cleaning products. They change their method of cleaning to ensure the area is as sanitary as possible. This is how they do it.

· Step 1: 

The cleaner starts by removing the dirty laundry. Linens are then stripped from the bed. The floor is also cleared of items. This is to ensure that the resident won’t trip and hurt themselves.

· Step 2: 

Wipe down windows using a natural cleaner. It should also be odorless so it won’t irritate the elderly.

· Step 3:

 A professional cleaning company will start disinfecting. They’ll sanitize everything that residents would’ve touched. They’ll wipe down and disinfect door knobs and handrails. They’ll include armrests on chairs and bed posts. They’ll also clean the TV remote control and other electronics.

· Step 4: 

Housekeeping will remove the dirty dishes. They’ll wipe down bedside tables and every counter. The cleaning company will use a top-grade antibacterial cleaner. This is also odorless to prevent irritation or allergic reactions.

· Step 5: 

It’s now time to focus on the bathroom. Professional cleaners will sprinkle powdered cleaners on the surfaces. It’s left to sit for about ten minutes. They’ll then scrub the walls, shower stall, and toilet bowl. Every surface has to become rinsed well. Mirrors are then cleaned with a good glass cleaner and paper towels.

· Step 6: 

Give the floor some attention. Tile or wood floors are then swept and mopped. Use a floor cleaning solution that also disinfects. Vacuum carpeted floors on a regular basis. These should also be steam-cleaned every two months.

· Step 7: 

it’s time to set the nursing home room aright. Make the bed and hang the laundered clothes. Open windows so fresh air can circulate. It will also remove the smell of the cleaning solution or disinfectant.

Best Practices When Cleaning Nursing Home Rooms

The stakes are higher when cleaning a senior care home. You don’t want to be the cause of an outbreak. It’s why you should follow these best practices:

  • Change gloves often. Wearing a glove is a must when cleaning a nursing home. But make sure that you wear a fresh glove before entering a different room. You should also remove the gloves once you’re in the corridor. Don’t walk around wearing them in-between cleaning. Changing gloves per room lessens the risk of germs spreading.
  • Be mindful of spreading germs in the air. How does this happen? Let’s say you removed the bedding. Dumping it into a cart and moving to the next room will spread bacteria or viruses. It’s better to place the soiled linen in a bag. Tie it before moving to another room.
  • Use the right cleaning supplies. Many dirt removers and cleaning solutions use different chemicals. These can hurt the residents. Most of them are prone to allergies or have breathing problems. It’s better to use natural products.

Caring for You Through the Years

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