How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier to Keep It Sparkling

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier | PCT Clean

Walk into any hotel or building and you’ll see a chandelier or two. Chandeliers always evoke a sense of class and opulence. It gives any room an elegant look. You can enjoy that same appeal in your home.

According to the dictionary, a chandelier is an ornamental light fixture. It’s mounted on the ceiling. It also has several branches that allow the use of many light bulbs. It’s often made of wood, metal, or crystals. The design of chandeliers has changed over the centuries. But its purpose remains the same. It’s still the best way to light up a room and make it more beautiful.

Many homeowners find the idea of having a chandelier exciting. But cleaning this fixture can be daunting. A professional cleaning company is your best choice. They’ll ensure your chandelier always remains perfect. But you can also do the job yourself. This article will tell you how to clean a crystal chandelier.

Best Time to Clean a Chandelier

There are many benefits to having a chandelier. Its beauty is reason enough, but it’s also a space saver. It won’t take up floor space and there are no wires that could trip people. It also provides more light than other fixtures. The extended branches provide more coverage, thus giving the room more ambient light.

It’s important to keep your chandelier shining as bright as it can. This can become accomplished with regular cleaning. But when should you clean this lighting fixture? You can give it a quick clean every week. Use a magnetized duster to get rid of any cobwebs or loose dust.

It’s also a good idea to hire a cleaning services company to clean your home’s chandeliers twice a year. You can have them do it in the spring or fall. You should also schedule a deep cleaning of chandeliers once a year.

It’s best to leave the deep cleaning to professional cleaning services. They’ll take the chandelier apart and have each piece cleaned. You need to have a good memory of how the different sections of crystals go together. Another option is to take copious notes or lots of photographs. It’s a time-consuming process either way.

How to Clean The Fixture in Place

Many homeowners find the idea of taking down a crystal chandelier scary. Who can blame them? Aside from the fragility of the crystals, you’ll also face live wires and the like. It’s a good thing that you can clean your chandelier while keeping the glass on. A professional cleaner will go about this task this way:

  • Lay the groundwork. It’s best practice to prepare what you need before you start any cleaning job. The first thing you should do is turn off the electricity. Closing the circuit serving the room is also a good option. You should then place a thick blanket or towel on the floor. It will prevent any falling pieces from breaking.
  • Make your cleaning solution. Mix one part of isopropyl alcohol with four parts of distilled water.
  • Wear protection. The best cleaning service will make sure there are fingerprints on the crystals. They do this by wearing clean cotton gloves. Do the same whenever you clean the chandelier.
  • Spray your cleaning solution on a clean cloth. A microfiber cloth is your best choice as it won’t leave any lint. Never spray a cleaner straight on the chandelier. It will make a mess and could affect the electrical components.
  • Wipe each crystal piece in a gentle manner. You don’t want to damage any of these delicate pieces. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down the pieces immediately. This will prevent water spots from developing.

Using the Complete Crystal Removal Method

Many hotels and showrooms opt for the complete removal of the chandelier’s crystals. It’s a more thorough way of cleaning and gives you complete access to the frame as well. This method also has the best results. But it’s time-consuming and needs a methodical and professional approach. It’s a job best left to the top local cleaning services.

  • Remove all strands. The cleaners will take out each strand and bulb from the chandelier’s frame. They’ll take steps to ensure they know which strand goes where.
  • Clean each strand. These are then placed in a bowl of good cleaning solution. There should be complete immersion to ensure each piece is clean. The solution will become replaced every 10 to 15 strands.
  • Dab it dry. Pat each strand of crystal dry using a clean microfiber cloth. The cotton cloth will also suffice as long as it doesn’t shed.
  • Clean the fixture. Cover the light sockets first to prevent water from getting in. Then the fixture’s frame will become wiped down with the cleaning solution.
  • Return the crystals. Each crystal is then returned to the fitting. The cleaning company will ensure each one is back in the position it was from.
  • Do regular maintenance. This is a must if you want the fixture to remain clean for longer. You can do this once a week or twice a month.

Enjoy an Elegant Space

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