How to Clean a Fridge in 5 Simple Steps

How to Clean a Fridge | PCT Clean

The refrigerator is one of the most important appliances that you’ll ever have in your home. You can say it’s the focal point of the kitchen. After all, it holds everything that will sustain you for the day, from your favorite drink to the leftovers from two days ago.

Getting into a habit of regularly cleaning your refrigerator is a good idea. But how often do you do it and how thorough? Many people don’t even know how to clean a fridge the right way. While you can always hire a company like PCT Clean for the job, it’s in your best interest to also learn how to do it. This article will help you in your endeavors.

How Often Should You Clean the Refrigerator

You don’t have to clean your refrigerator every day. But it must undergo deep cleaning four times a year. You can time it with the changing of the seasons. There are also several situations when cleaning your fridge is important.

The first one is when you might have spoiled or out-dated food. It’s a good idea to ask the maid service to clear out food packages past their “Use By” date. The label indicates the last date recommended for using the product while it’s still at top quality. It doesn’t mean that the product isn’t safe to eat anymore. You should first check if the food has mold or has changed color. If it has, you can throw it away. You should then wipe down where you found the food.

You should also clean the fridge when there’s a leak or spill. You must store food the right way to keep it fresh and safe to eat. This is especially important when dealing with raw meat and poultry. Leaks or spills could result in harmful bacteria spreading to other items. Make sure you clean the area when this happens. You should also check all stored food items for spoilage. Do this even if the dates on the packaging are still weeks or months away.

Steps to Cleaning Your Fridge

There are no hard and fast rules for cleaning the fridge. But these steps will make the job go faster.

· Take Everything Out

The first order of business is to empty your fridge. Clear out a space where you’ll put everything. Make sure you do the following while taking out products:

  • Check the “Use By” dates and throw away items past their end dates. They might not be safe to eat anymore.
  • Wipe the bottles and jars clean before setting them on the counter or table.
  • Put any frozen and dairy products in a cooler with ice. You can also use a cool bag with freezer blocks. You want to keep them cold to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

It’s a good idea to time this cleaning project before you do your grocery shopping. You also want your freezer to be almost empty before you clean it.

· Take Out the Shelves

Remove the shelves and drawers and place them in the sink. Wait a few moments until they become room temperature before you run warm water on them. Doing this little thing will prevent them from cracking or splitting. You also shouldn’t place a cold shelf in hot water. It will crack. Place it aside until it comes to room temperature.

· Start Cleaning the Inside

You can start cleaning the interior once the fridge is empty of food and shelves. Start wiping down the inside with soapy water. You can also use a solution of distilled vinegar and water. Baking soda is a good cleaning agent as well.

You can spray your fridge’s interior with vinegar and water solution. Concentrate on the areas with dried spills or gunk. Leave it for a few minutes. You can use this time to wash the shelves. Once done, wipe the fridge well with a soft, damp cloth. The solution will remove all the sticky substances and kill any germs. The vinegar solution will leave a bit of a smell though. It will disperse after a while.

You can also clean your fridge with baking soda. Baking soda can also get rid of any unpleasant smells. You can make a paste out of the soda and a bit of hot water. Wipe the paste on the interior using a soft cloth. Then rinse it with another clean, damp cloth. Make sure the inside of your fridge is dry before putting the food items back.

Wipe Down the Seals

Your fridge door seals or gaskets can collect spills and crumbs. Ask your house cleaner to vacuum it with a crevice tool. You can also clean the seals with a toothbrush or a stiff brush. You should then take a soft cloth and dip it into the vinegar solution. Run it along the seal’s crevices to remove any gunk. Dry with a clean kitchen towel or cloth.

Work on the Freezer

You should first place a towel at the bottom of the freezer. It will absorb any water that might spill while the freezer is defrosting. Follow the same procedure with the freezer shelves. Leave the freezer door open to melt the ice. You can start cleaning the fridge interior while the ice melts. Use the defroster ice shovel to remove big chunks of ice. Spray the inside with the vinegar solution. Use the same method you used when you cleaned the fridge.

Deep Cleaning is the Right Way

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