How to Clean a Grill, Get Ready for a Summer Party

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Looking forward for a fun-filled summer? People have different ways of enjoying this time of the year. Some are excited to spend their days gardening, while others are excited to have their skins sun-kissed on the beach. But whatever your plans are, grilling will always be on your list.

The thought of seeing your friends and family, and catching up over beer, wine and barbecue is always something to look forward to. Check out your grill now if it’s already summer-ready. If not yet, check out how to clean a grill and be ready to have a blast this summer.

Different Types of Grill

There are at least four types of grill in the market. Which type is yours? Check out below.

Charcoal Grill

It is the most affordable of all the grill options and can give you a high heat of up to 700°F. If you’re a grill newbie, you may find it hard to use this grill because it has no fancy knobs to regulate heat or temperature. You may also find it hard to ignite charcoals. But grill purists swear that charcoal grill is the best at giving authentic barbecue flavor to your food.

A charcoal grill can be used in three ways – direct grill, slow grill, and smoking your meats.

Direct grill is searing directly over the coals, best for quick-cooking food. The searing heat of the grill will give out those perfect, classic grill marks. On the other hand, slow grill is done by pushing the coals to the side before grilling the food. This way uses the low and slow cooking technique that will give you tender, fall-apart meat.

Electric Grill

This is the most convenient and user-friendly of all grill options, but it can’t give you the high heat that other grills can. Convenience comes with a price and in this case, it’s the char-grill flavor that’s expected from any grilled food. Just plug it in, and it heats up quickly.

Gas Grill

This is the most popular of all the grill options. It’s easy to operate with buttons and control knobs, but can only give you high heat of up to 600°F. Load it up with a propane tank or hook it up to a natural gas line for an unlimited grilling experience.

Pellet Grill 

This is the priciest of all grill options and also hard to find. It’s safe to say that this is like all the other grills combined into one. It’s a favorite of many because it’s easy to use with control knobs and power switch for ignition. It can also give your food a wonderful hardwood-smoked flavor.

Grill Cleaning Tools

Now, prepare yourself and the tools for some grill cleaning.


Always choose tongs made of stainless steel instead of the nylon ones that can’t withstand high heat.

Pit Mitt

Just to be safe, use a pit mitt to avoid accidental hand burns when cleaning hot grill grates.

Wire Brush

Grill grates are easier to clean while they’re still hot. A wire brush with a long handle will be a good option for this, so your hands will be safer from the heat.

Nylon Brush

A nylon brush is a gentler option than a wire brush. This brush doesn’t scrape surfaces and is highly recommended for grates made from porcelain, ceramic or cast-iron. Completely cool down your grill grates before using this brush to remove any residue.

Wood Scraper

This is another option if you find the wire brush too harsh for your grill surfaces. Since it’s made of wood, it will eventually develop sear marks from cleaning the hot grill grates. This will create perfect grooves that will exactly fit your grill, making cleaning up easier every time. 

Grill Scraper

The longer you delay cleaning your grill, the harder it is to remove all the oil and food crust residue that has built up. Grill scraper is the perfect tool for this cleaning job.

Steam Grill Brush

If you want the fastest way to clean your grill, go for a steam grill brush. This brush releases pressurized steam that effectively blasts off grime without the need for any cleaning sprays.

Ways to Clean Different Grills

The best way to prolong the life of any grill is to pamper it with regular cleaning. Here are different ways of showing your grill some much-needed TLC.

How to Clean a Charcoal Grill

Scrub the grill grates using a grill brush and remove all dirt off the grill. Check out the ash catcher and always empty it. Use a knife or a scraper for any stubborn residues. 

Another way of cleaning a charcoal grill is with a scrub, hot water and detergent. Make a detergent and hot water solution. Dip the scrub in the solution before scouring the grates clean. Wash off and finish cleaning by wiping it dry with a towel.

There are also battery-operated or robot grill cleaners available in the market for easier cleaning. Just push the button and it will do the job for you. This tool has three brushes that constantly rotate to remove all grime and crusts from your grill grates. They can clean in two ways, speed cleaning and deep cleaning.

How to Clean a Gas Grill

Here’s an inexpensive way of cleaning your gas grill—mix 1 part of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray directly on the grill grates and leave it for about 10 minutes. Pour some vinegar on a separate spray bottle and spray on a cotton cloth until soaking wet. Scrub the grates with the vinegar-soaked cotton cloth to remove all dirt. That’s it, no need to rinse. 

You can also try cleaning your gas grill by reheating it for 15 minutes. The heat will make scrubbing off the dirt a bit easier. To remove oily spots, you can use hot water or some dish detergent. Wait for the grill to completely cool down before wiping it with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Don’t forget to wipe dry afterwards.

How to Clean an Electric Grill

Always check if the electric drill is turned off and unplugged before cleaning. If you want to clean it right after use, wait for it to cool down a bit. Scrape the grates with the grill brush while still warm. Only use a rubber spatula to scrape food residue on non-stick grill, including all nooks and corners. 

Wipe the plates using a slightly damp sponge or cloth, washing, and rinsing often to remove grease before using again to clean a different spot. Feel free to use dish soap for extra greasy spots. For the drip tray, you can remove it and wash it with dish detergent and water. Dry everything before putting them back in the electric grill.

Grill Cleaning Hack

If you don’t have a grill brush, you can use a balled-up aluminum foil instead to scrub your grill grates.

To avoid getting food sticking on your grill grates, pre-heat your grill before use and season it regularly.

You can delay the need for grill deep cleaning if you scrub the grill grates every after use to avoid buildup. But if you need some grill deep cleaning, a 2:1 ratio of vinegar and baking soda mixture can do the trick. Soak your grill grates in the mixture overnight and watch the dried-up residue fall off the next day.

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