How to Clean Construction Dust and Protect Your Health

How to Clean Construction Dust | PCT Clean

Many homeowners will choose to have their homes remodeled or fixed at some point. It’s a great way to improve the value of the property and ensure your family is living their best life. It comes with several drawbacks though. The biggest one is construction dust.

Dust is inevitable during construction work. It can also be dangerous. Breathing in dust that comes from destroyed walls or floors can lead to allergies. It can also induce an asthma attack. Prolonged exposure to construction debris could also result in pulmonary disease.

It’s essential that you work with professional cleaners to lessen the problem. You should also make sure that the construction site is always cleared fast. Learning how to clean construction dust will help you in the long run. Especially if you plan on doing the cleaning yourself.

Prepare for the Clean Up

There’s a logical approach to every cleaning job. The best cleaning service company always has a method they follow. It ensures they do their job fast and in an effective manner. The same goes when cleaning up post-construction.

It’s best if you walk through the construction area. Think of what materials or equipment you’ll need. Most cleanup projects need a high-powered vacuum, broom, and floor polisher. You also need a cleaning solution and disinfectant. You might also need Personal Protective Equipment. A PPE will protect you against sharp objects. It’s also a good idea to have dust masks and goggles on hand.

Vacuum from the Top Down

A professional cleaning company will start by vacuuming the area. The idea is to remove as much dust as you can. Sweeping the area is a bad idea. The loose material will float and shift around. People will end up inhaling it.

Start vacuuming from the ceiling. Work your way down the floor. Move the vacuum rod sideways as you clean. Don’t forget to pay attention to window and door frames. You should also work on ceiling fans and light fixtures. You might have to vacuum the room several times if you feel there’s residual dust.

Start Wiping Down Surfaces

You can start wiping all solid surfaces once you’re done vacuuming. You can do dry dusting on the walls first. It’s a great way of removing dirt without damaging the wall. Most local cleaning services will also wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth. They’ll dunk it first in a soapy water solution. Make sure you wring off excess water before you start cleaning.

You should also dust off cabinets and moldings. They are prime dust magnets. Clean the interior of cabinet shelves as well. Make sure you pay extra attention to corners. Wipe off tables and countertops.

Be Mindful of the Floors

A good cleaning services company will often do floors last. The dust and dirt from the surfaces you wiped will drift down to the floor. Your method of cleaning will depend on the kind of surface you’re dealing with.

Floors with hard surfaces need thorough sweeping or vacuuming first. You can use dryer sheets to get the dust gathering in crevices and cracks. Mop the floor with the right cleaning solution once the floor dust is clear. The mop head should be damp. A wet mop can ruin hardwood or linoleum floors.

A carpeted floor needs more attention. It’s because the material tends to trap more dust. You need a strong vacuum and a dust brush addition. Some professional cleaning services prefer to use a steam cleaner. It can remove ingrained dirt better. There are also fewer dust particles forced back into the air when steam cleaning.

Keeping Your Family Safe

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