How to Clean Dust from Construction Projections at Home

How to Clean Dust from Construction | PCT Clean

Home construction projects are inevitable. Every homeowner will want to have their home renovated at some point. Homes do deteriorate so touchups are always expected. Some will remodel as their family grows or their needs change. Others will remodel to keep the property’s value up.

Whatever project you embark on, you should prepare to deal with “construction dust.” These are all the types of dirt and debris that will appear during construction. It can range from silicate dust to wood shavings. It can also be the minuscule pieces that come when working with dolomite, limestone, or marble.

Removing these particles will be a challenge while the project is ongoing. But it’s important that steps are always taken to reduce the amount of dust moving in your home. These motes of wood or sand can lead to health issues like asthma or lung cancer later on. It goes without saying cleaning construction dust should always be a priority. Especially once the project is over.

Many building contractors and homeowners opt to hire professional cleaners. They specialize in this type of cleanup. It doesn’t mean you can’t do the job yourself. There are tips and tricks you can learn from the experts on how to clean dust from construction.

Prep for Dust Control

It’s vital that you control dust during the construction project. Preparing for it ahead of time will make it easier to clean later on. It will also protect the rest of your house from damage. Remember there’s no construction damage insurance for furniture or appliances. So try to remove what you can from the project site. The rest you can cover with plastic sheeting.

You should also invest in plastic covers and sticky mats for your floors. Especially in areas where there will a lot of traffic. Make sure you seal all the ducts. It will prevent dust from getting inside the HVAC system.

Begin at the Top

Dusting after a construction project is a time-consuming process. The best cleaning service starts dusting from the area with the highest elevation. This will be the ceiling. You can then move to window and door trims. Clean walls, shelves, and baseboards next. Work your way down to any hard surface that dust will cling to.

It’s best practice to wipe the dust from hard-to-reach areas to more accessible places. You can use a broom or a duster with a long handle to reach the high places. Meanwhile, a microfiber cloth is best for surfaces you can reach with ease.

Wait for the Dust to Settle Before Sweeping

Dust and dirt take time to settle. The finer these particles are, the longer they will take. Any cleaning services company worth their salt will wait an hour or two before they clean the floor. This will ensure that you’ll clear away most of the dust. Otherwise, you might end up sweeping or vacuuming the floor several times.

It’s best to use a dry vacuum when cleaning carpets and upholstery. Take care not to get surfaces wet. The massive amount of dust present will mean you’ll end up with a dirty carpet or sofa. A vacuum cleaner with strong suction is ideal. Make sure it also has a new filter to ensure good airflow.

Pay Attention to the Small Details

Many homeowners focus on big item objects like walls or furniture. But the little items are also covered in dust. They also need attention if you want to get rid of all the construction dust. So don’t forget to clean light fixtures, lampshades, and decorative items.

Save Time and Money with Professional Cleaners

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