How to Clean Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors are a lovely addition to any home. If you have the budget or want to splurge, these floors will make a great investment. Hardwood floors exude a warmth that’s priceless. They’re beautiful and durable. They can last for decades with the right care.

It’s not a hardship to clean these floors either. A good cleaning agency like PCT Clean will know how to clean hardwood flooring. You can also do it yourself if that’s what you want. It will save money and give you the satisfaction of being the one to bring a shine to your home.


Prevention is Better than a Cure

The floor takes a lot of abuse on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hospital floor or your home’s hardwood flooring. Floors experience a lot of foot traffic. Then there are the spills, scuffs, and other accidents. These can make cleaning harder. You can’t avoid these things. But you can make things easier for you or the maid service with some planning and prevention.

One simple but effective preventive measure is to place floor mats on both sides of the door. This will lessen the dirt tracked inside the house. You should also create a space where people can remove their boots before going inside. This is very useful when it’s raining. Your floors won’t become damaged by water or mud.

Removing your shoes before going in is actually a great way to lessen the dirt and germs from getting into the rest of your living space. Leave shoes with heels and cleats at the door. These types of shoes can cause scratches on your floor.

You can also prevent scratches and scuff marks by using furniture floor protectors. You should also add area rugs in the areas where children play. It will lessen the odds of toys leaving scratches on the floor.


Fastest Way to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean

Cleaning experts say the best way to clean hardwood floors is to clean them on a regular basis. Floors take the most wear and tear in the home. It’s common to bring in a lot of dust, dirt, and debris from the outside world. You don’t want the grime to remain on your floors for long. It’s unclean and will detract from your home’s beauty. It could also damage the floor.

Have housekeeping give it a once-over with a dust mop or broom. Look for a mop with a dusting agent. It will pick up dirt and dust fast. If you prefer a mop, pick one with a microfiber head. Read the manufacturer’s suggestions for using dusting sprays or floor polish. Some microfiber mops won’t need a cleaning agent.

You can also vacuum your hardwood floor. Do it once a week or every two weeks. You should use a floor-brush attachment for this. Never use the beater bar attachment. It will ruin your lovely floor.


How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

You can also have a cleaning service deep clean hardwood flooring at least once a month. The residue from other cleaning agents can make them lose their shine and appear dull. Your best option to get your wood floors shining again is vinegar.

It’s not unusual to use vinegar to clean your wood floors. It’s a natural and affordable ingredient. It’s safe to use on hardwood and it gets the job done. You should first make sure you have the right vinegar. White vinegar is the best choice. Cleaning vinegar is also an option. It has a higher acid content than regular vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is also an alternative. But you should never use balsamic vinegar. Follow these steps for fast and effective cleaning:


  • Clear the area. Remove the furniture in the room you’re cleaning. If you can’t, then move it out of the way. It’s easier to clean if you don’t have to avoid or go around a lot of furniture. Make sure you use furniture pads. You can move big items around faster and you won’t scratch the floor.


  • Get rid of dust and debris. Clean the surface of your hardwood floors. You can use a broom or a microfiber dust mop. The latter is the safest option. You can also use a vacuum but check the underside first. Make sure there’s no stuck-on debris that can scratch the floor.


  • Make your vinegar solution. Add one cup of vinegar to a gallon of hot water. Mix well. You can then fill a bucket and start mopping. Remember that a vinegar solution is reportedly the best solution. It’s not the only option. You can wipe the floor clean with water only. But make sure you don’t let it seep in the wood. It could remove the finish.


  • Use an “S” motion. Dip your microfiber mop in the bucket. Move the mop in an “S” motion. Always start on the same side. This will catch the dirt and not spread it around. Replace the solution when you move to clean a new room. Don’t overload your mop with vinegar. Make sure you wring the excess water off every time you dip it in the solution. You don’t want to saturate the hardwood.


  • Finish with a good polish. Wrap things up by using floor wax or polish. It will give the floor an extra shine. Make sure the floor is drying before polishing it.


Make It Shine

There’s something satisfying about clean and shiny floors. The expert cleaners of PCT Clean will make sure you have that. If you want some serious deep cleaning, we are the ones to do it. We’re one of the best cleaning companies in the industry. We can keep your office or home sparkling clean for the clients. Our top cleaners will ensure your home is in good condition. They’re experienced and well trained. You can also call us to do deep disinfecting or for move-in, move-out cleaning. You can reach us at (770) 422-5326. You can also request a quote here.