The No-Fuss Method on How to Clean Linoleum Floors

How to Clean Linoleum Floors | PCT Clean

Linoleum is a good option if you prefer a durable, flexible, and low-key flooring material. Linoleum has been around for ages. Its popularity waned for a bit in the 1940s when vinyl overshadowed it. It has since regained ground and more homeowners are now turning to it.

Linoleum appeals to a lot of people for many reasons. Most love the fact it’s good for the environment. It’s made from all-natural natural materials. Linoleum is often comprised of cork, linseed oil, and wood dust. There are also some limestone particles thrown in for good measure. Linoleum is also very durable. Its flexibility is also a plus.

This material is also easy to maintain. You can do as good a job cleaning it as the best cleaning services company. It does have its weaknesses though, so you have to take some precautions. It’s important that you know how to clean linoleum floors the right way if you want it to last.

Best Times to Clean Your Linoleum Floors

There are some factors that determine how often you should clean linoleum. The amount of foot traffic is a critical factor. The heavier it is, the faster the floor gets dirty. Professional cleaners also have their work cut for them if a lot of mud and dirt gets tracked in.

The type of linoleum also impacts its durability. Older linoleum types are thinner and get scratched fast. But the newer ones have a stronger outer layer. It can stand against more wear and tear. Constant cleaning can cause a lot of wear that an earlier linoleum form won’t handle well.

It’s best practice to clean your linoleum floor once a week. You can also clean it every day if the situation calls for it.

So when do you need to start calling the local cleaning services? It depends on the dirt. Check the floor every day. Cleaning should start once stains and dirt are obvious. It doesn’t matter if it was only cleaned yesterday.

How to Clean Linoleum Floors without Fuss

Linoleum flooring has some similarities to wooden floors when it comes to maintenance. Both are durable. Both are also prone to damage from high alkaline content and too much moisture.

A professional cleaning company is best suited to taking care of your linoleum. They know the best way to clean it while ensuring its durability. But this is something that you can do as well if you have the time and are willing to do the work. Here are the steps you should take:

· Prepare Your Tools

It’s always a good idea to get everything you’ll need ready before starting any cleaning job. It makes the job go faster. You don’t need any special equipment to clean linoleum floors. Even the best cleaning service will only use the following:

  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Clean cloth or towel
  • Dish soap
  • Mop
  • Scrub brush
  • Vacuum cleaner (as needed)

Remove Loose Debris

Once you’ve gathered all your tools, your next step is to remove any loose debris from the linoleum’s surface. A thorough sweep with a broom will do the trick. You can also use your vacuum’s “hard floor” setting to do the job.

Make sure you sweep every corner and crevice of the floor. Don’t forget to sweep under the furniture and other fixtures.

  • Wipe the Floor

Give the floor a good wipe-down once you’ve swept it clean. You can use a clean cloth or towel. But a dry microfiber cloth is a better option. It will remove any small particles of dirt missed by the broom. It’s important that you remove any grit on the floor as it could leave scratches when you start mopping.

· Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

Do not use any acidic or harsh cleaning solutions on your linoleum floor. Cleaning up services make their own solutions with ordinary dishwashing soap. Mix six to eight drops of it with one gallon of hot water. Stir it a little and it’s good to go.

· Start Mopping

A cleaning expert will tell you a damp mop is better than a dry one. Start by dipping the mop into the soapy mixture. Wring excess water out. This is crucial as linoleum floors can get damaged from too much water. You want the mop strands to be a little damp, not dripping.

Plot out sections on your floor. A 6’ x 6’ size quadrant is good. Clean out one quadrant at a time. Dip your mop back into the cleaning solution once you finish one section. Wring it dry before starting on the next area. Keep at it until the entire area’s done.

Dump your soapy mixture down the sink. Don’t forget to wash both the bucket holding the cleaning solution and your mop.

· Start the Rinse

Fill your bucket with clean water this time. Use warm water for rinsing. Follow the same procedure as before. Clean the floor in quadrants. You want to remove as much of the soap residue as possible.

· Make Sure the Floor is Dry

You need to ensure that there’s no moisture left. Standing water is damaging to a linoleum floor. Get a clean towel or cloth and pat the surface dry. You can even use your old clothes as long as they can absorb moisture fast.

Cleaning at Its Finest

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