How to Clean Marble Surfaces 

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Did you know that marble is associated with luxury? It is one of the most expensive materials, and every piece has its own unique pattern. No wonder it keeps on appreciating value over time. 

So if you have inherited, bought or rented a place where there are marble floorings, countertops, etc., do your best to preserve them. Even though they are known to be durable and can even last longer than a lifetime, they are not immune from accumulating dirt or stains. Read on and learn how to clean marble and keep it stunning for generations to come.

Common Marble Stains and How to Clean Them 

Marble is a calcareous stone that is prone to staining and even scratches. But with proper care and some preventive maintenance, you can preserve its pristine beauty. Below are the common stains that seem to be attracted to the beautiful marble surfaces.

Food Spills

Whatever food you spilled on your marble surface, blot it immediately with a soft and clean cloth. Do not wipe, just blot. 

Wiping will cause the spill to spread and seep into scratches or tiny markings that you cannot see. Clean with a soft, clean and damp cloth afterwards. If, after cleaning, the stain is still noticeable or it dulled your marble’s shine, consider calling the marble experts for professional cleaners assistance.

Oil-Based Mess

If you are going to fry something or prepare food using oil, consider doing it away from your marble countertop because anything with oil will cause stains. Same with your bathroom fixtures made from marble, keep them away from your oil-based toiletries and makeups. Oil leaves unsightly, dark-colored stains on your marbles. If you accidentally spill some on the marble surface, flush it out with water as soon as possible.

Markers, Pens and Paints

It is very hard to remove stains from markers, pens and paints. Do not experiment and risk causing more harm than good. Better leave these types of sains to the marble experts.

Hard Water Spots

Do you have marble walls and marble bathroom fixtures? You can remove the ugly water stains with buffing and polishing.

Rusts on Marble

You can remove rust stains with a poultice. If you’re planning to do it on your own, buy a non-acidic poultice because the acid can ruin your marble surfaces.

The Safe Way to Clean Marble

Soft, clean, microfiber cloths and mops using pH-neutral or mild cleaning solutions are the way to go. There are also marble cleaning solutions available on the market that are safe for daily use.

Always check the label of the cleaning solutions to make sure that there isn’t any bleach or acidic ingredient in them. Bleach and acid can corrode your precious marble, so stay away from it. If you accidentally used it, call the experts for help.

Blotting the spills is not enough. You need to clean the surface with mild detergent, wash it with water and wipe it dry. A buffing, circular motion of wiping the surface can help bring the shine back.

For marble walls in your bathroom, keeping them dry after every use is the best way to prevent soap scum buildup. A squeegee can help you do that. For stubborn dirt, try dry steaming to loosen up the dirt or do a marble deep cleaning.

If you want to go DIY, try the homemade cleaning solutions and kitchen hacks below.

Water and Isopropyl Alcohol

In a 32-ounce spray bottle, pour ¼ cup of isopropyl alcohol then fill the bottle with water. It will not only clean your marble surfaces but sanitize them as well. If you need some cleaning boost, a drop of mild dishwashing liquid detergent in the solution will do the trick.

Water and White Vinegar

Make a solution from water and vinegar in a 3:1 ratio, add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid detergent, and put it in a spray bottle. Be careful and follow the ratio because vinegar is an acid that can harm your marble surfaces. Shake before spraying on the spots you want to clean. Scrub with a cloth and repeat the process until the dirt or stain is gone. Remember to wash with water and completely dry the surface after.

Water and Baking Soda

Make a paste from water and baking soda. Use the paste after blotting the mess, rubbing them on all the affected surfaces. Cover with plastic wrap and leave overnight up to 24 hours. Use water and soap to clean the paste and see the magic for yourself.


Cornstarch is known to absorb grease on any surface and should work fine on marble. Spray water on your stained marble and generously sprinkle it with cornstarch. Leave for a day or longer, then clean as usual.

Preventive Maintenance for Marble Surfaces

Knowing how to clean the marble surfaces properly is one thing, but keeping them stain-free is another. Preserve the timeless beauty of your marble as much as you can with the professional preventive measures below.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Make it a habit to use coasters, mats or trivets to protect your marble surfaces from accidental water and other food spills.

Regular Mopping or Vacuuming Schedule

Dust and other dirt can cause tiny abrasions, and you don’t want that. Regularly mop your marble floors using a microfiber mop. Slip-resistant mats or rugs placed inside and outside your home can reduce the dust and dirt that can scratch your marble floor. If using a vacuum, make sure the attachments are in good shape to avoid scratching the marble surface. To make sure that you don’t increase the dust and dirt in the house, just leave your shoes outside.

Act Quickly on Spills

Remember, blot and not wipe. Clean with water and dishwashing soap to remove any residue before rinsing with water a few more times. Dry with a clean microfiber cloth and repeat the whole process if needed.

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