How to Clean Unsealed Wood Floors and Make It Last Longer

How to Clean Unsealed Wood Floors | PCT Clean

Wooden floors have always had an enduring appeal. There’s something about it that draws people in. It might be the earthy tones that make a space look warm and inviting. It could also be its durability. There’s no denying that wood floors bring a natural and rustic look that works with any design style.

Whatever the reason, wood floors are here to stay. Its popularity remains unblemished. This is despite the pandemic and the resulting disruptions in the supply chain. As a matter of fact, sales of hardwood floors reached $3.45 billion in 2020.

You need to take good care of your wood floors though. It’s the best way to make the most of your investment. Especially if you opted for unsealed wood floors.

Unsealed wood floors mean the hardwood doesn’t have a protective layer. Many homeowners like the look of untreated floors. The lack of shine and polish makes it look more natural. But its rustic charm also means the wood is at the mercy of the environment. Rainwater, spills, and such will have an impact on it.

Good professional cleaning services know how to handle this type of flooring. But you should also learn how to clean unsealed wood floors.

Give It a Thorough Sweep

There’s nothing good that comes from a build-up of dirt and dust. Professional cleaners understand the key to a clean home is to keep the debris and grime off the floor. You can scratch the floor surface if you step on larger dirt particles. These can also get inside the grain and cause some damage.

Wood floors should become swept or vacuumed every day. Too busy? It’s fine, but make sure you clean high-traffic areas as often as possible. There’s also nothing wrong with letting your Roomba do the job. You can also finish things off by mopping the floor with a microfiber cloth. The idea is to pick up any fine dirt that escaped the broom or vacuum.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

The best cleaning service knows that unsealed wood floors need a delicate touch. You can’t use harsh cleaning products on this surface. You also can’t use rough powdered detergent. Large particles could scratch the wooden layer.

Your best option is homemade cleansers that are vinegar-based. Many house cleaners make a solution using two spoons of white vinegar mixed with water. You can also make a lemon-water cleanser. Squeeze half a cut lemon in the water and start mopping.

Get Ready to Mop

It’s best practice to clear out the area you’ll be cleaning. Pick up and move any object on the floor. You don’t want any obstructions when you clean. You should also consider removing the furniture if possible. You also don’t want anything blocking the corners and edges of the room. These areas are dust magnets.

Use a Damp Mop to Clean

You can begin with the mopping once all the prep’s done. A microfiber twist mop or a flat mop will give you good results. The trick here is to remember that damp is fine but wet is not. You’re working with unsealed wood so it shouldn’t become exposed to wet conditions for long.

Move your mop in an “S” movement to ensure you cover the whole space. You should also follow the wood grain while mopping. Dry the floor as soon as you can. You can use another microfiber mop for this. You can also use a fan to dry out the area.

Making Your Home’s Beauty Last Longer

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