Methods on How to Clean Your Dirty Kitchen in 10 Minutes

How to Clean Your Kitchen in Under 10 Minutes | PCT Clean

No one wants to spend their weekends stuck deep cleaning the kitchen. But a dirty kitchen waits for no one. It’s one of the rooms in the house that should always be clean.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where people gather every day. It’s also where you prepare and cook your family’s meals. Leaving it in a messy state will put everyone at risk of food poisoning and various diseases. It’s a compelling reason to have the cleaning services company put more attention on this room. It’s also why 66% of Americans make the time to clean their kitchens several times a week.

You don’t even have to spend hours cleaning the kitchen. Many professional cleaners can do the job in 30 minutes. You can do even better than that with the right tools and proper planning. Here’s how to clean your kitchen in under 10 minutes.

Get Your Kitchen Cleaning Tools Ready

“Gee, I wish I didn’t prepare.” Said no one ever! Preparing what you’ll need is always a good idea. You’ll need to get a few things ready before cleaning your kitchen. Make sure you have a broom or the vacuum on standby. Get some sponge, a microfiber cloth, or any clean rag. You also need dish soap and an all-purpose cleaner. Keep a laundry basket on hand too.

Deal with Clutter First

Your first move should be to clear the countertops and tables. Decluttering will make the space look clean in minutes. Plus, clearing the space will give you room to clean. Don’t have time to put all those knick-knacks and whatnots in their proper place? No problem. Put them in the laundry basket and deal with them later. After all, you only have 10 minutes to spare right now.

Face the Dishes

Your next enemy is the dirty dishes. Now’s the time to load them into the dishwasher. Soak items with dried food while you clean the rest of the kitchen. Do the same if you don’t have a dishwasher. Soak the dirty plates and pans first.

You can get back to the dishes after you’ve wiped the countertops or cleaned the floor. By this time, any gunk on the dishes is loose and easy to remove.

Wipe Surfaces

Wipe all the surfaces you can reach, like tabletop and counters. Wipe the cabinet doors, your refrigerator door, and other appliances. Use a good cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth for the job.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Cleaning up services only pay attention to the floor once everything’s wiped down. It’s because all the dirt and dust have settled on the ground. Do a quick sweep or vacuum the floor. Don’t forget to shake out any rugs or mats. These are full of dirt too.

Clean the Sink

By this time, your dishes are clean and dry. So now you can clean the sink. Scrub with dishwashing soap or an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you clean the drainage trap. You don’t want food bits there.

Get Rid of Garbage

Throwing away the day’s garbage should be the last step on your kitchen cleaning schedule. Spray the trash bin with a disinfectant and put a fresh bag in. It’s possible to clean your kitchen in ten minutes. Especially if you do these steps every day. Consistency is the secret to quick kitchen cleanup.

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