How To Clean Your Home Before the Holidays?

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Whether you are going on a vacation or have parties at your home, knowing how to clean your home before the holidays is a must. While you can always call our Prestigious Cleaning Team to do the job for you, it wouldn’t hurt to clean it yourself once in a while. 

This post can help you efficiently do the job like a pro. 

Give Your Home a General Clean Up

Wondering what you shouldn’t miss? 

Organize Your Stuff

It’s time to put things in their proper places. Go ahead and pick up all the toys and books lying on the floor. If there are items in your home that are not often used, perhaps you can already keep them in the basement, in your storage facility, or sell them for extra cash. 

Vacuum and Sweep the Floor 

Don’t forget to work around coffee tables and other eating areas. Always remove any crumbs and food residues. If you omit this step, you risk attracting ants or other insects. You may also want to use spray for bugs. 

Unplug Your Electronics 

It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

When you unplug, your appliances will remain protected in the event of a lightning storm or other power outage while you are gone.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Before the Holidays 

Let’s now be more specific. The kitchen plays a huge role, especially during holidays. All the meal preps happen here, and it’s not surprising that it will become filthy. Here’s how you can clean it. 

Dirt, mold, and bad odors are the last things you want to encounter when you return home after a vacation or after a night of partying. But don’t worry, these tips can make your job a whole lot easier. 

Step 1. Gather all of the dirty dishes from around the house. Load and start the dishwasher.

Step 2. Remove any food remains and crumbs from the surfaces. Wipe off surfaces and tables to ensure your property isn’t infected with ants, cockroaches, or other pests.

Step 3. Check your refrigerator and toss anything that could go rotten. However, if you are leaving town for more than a week, give leftovers away. Turn off your refrigerator to conserve electricity and keep it open to avoid mold growth. 

Step 4. Empty the garbage to avoid rotting food odors.

Step 5. Remove the trash.  

How to Clean Your Bedroom Before The Holidays

Sleeping in your own bed after a trip or a party is one of the nicest feelings. Here’s our bedroom cleaning checklist:

Step 1. Allow time for the mattress, blankets, and pillows to aerate. This task will help you prevent a stale odor in your bedroom. 

Step 2. Replace the bed sheets. 

Step 3. Closet doors should be left open. Some wardrobe doors shut too firmly, and if you keep them closed for an extended amount of time, a musty odor may develop.

Step 4. Sort through your clothing. If you don’t have time to wash them, at least put them in the laundry basket. Clean garments should be stored in your closet. 

How To Clean Your Bathroom and Toilet

The good news is, it doesn’t take long to prepare your bathroom before the holidays. 

Step 1. Clear out the shower.

Step 2. Rinse the tiles well. When you take your final shower before leaving, give your tiles a thorough rinse and wipe them off if necessary. This will keep water and soap stains at bay. 

Step 3. Empty and clean the garbage can. Bathroom waste, like kitchen waste, may acquire an unpleasant odor while you are away.

Step 4. Close the bathroom faucets tightly.

A Quick Checklist of Cleaning Tasks Before the Holidays 

Admit it. We can all be forgetful, and that’s why we created this checklist to help you prepare your home for the holidays. 

  1. Clear out the refrigerator.
  2. Do the dishes.
  3. Wipe the countertops down.
  4. Clean the restrooms.
  5. Complete the laundry.
  6. Prepare your bed.
  7. Take out the garbage.

Speaking of forgetfulness, here’s a link on things we forget to clean

Additional Tip: You don’t have to do the cleaning in one day. We recommend doing smaller tasks every day so you won’t get exhausted. Focus on one area first, and you’ll be surprised that your home will be holiday-ready. 

The Prestigious Cleaning Team For Cleaning Your Home 

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