Clever Tips on How To Organize Plasticware

How To Organize Plasticware | PCT Clean

One of the greatest mysteries of modern times is missing plastic ware lids. You buy a Tupperware or two to make storing food easier. The lid will vanish so you’ll set out to buy another set. You’ll do this many times until your home is overrun with plastic containers.

The good news is some of them will still have lids. Now all you have to do is learn how to organize plasticware so it doesn’t take over your house. There are many simple and creative ways to do this. Behold our top tips for corralling plastic:

Say Sayonara to Orphaned Containers

Experts say you shouldn’t hold on to things that don’t serve you anymore. This includes damaged Tupperware and other plastic containers. It also doesn’t make sense to keep food keepers with cracks or without lids.

The best thing for you to do is to declutter and retire your old plastic ware. Get all your plastic containers and place them on the table. Start matching them with their lids. Throw away cracked plastic. Repurpose some of the nicer and less damaged containers. You can use it as storage for pins and pens. Don’t use it to store food anymore.

Stack Them Up

You don’t have to overthink things when it comes to organizing and storing plastic ware. One of the simplest and best ways to organize them is stacking them up. Place smaller food storage inside the larger ones. You can also make a tower of same-sized containers if you want. Place them inside a kitchen cabinet when you’re done.

You can do the same with the lids. Place the largest lid on the bottom and work your way up to the smallest. You can then place them inside the same cabinet. It will make matching a container with its lid super easy.

Repurpose a Plate Rack

Despite the name, you can use a plate rack for something other than plates. Plastic lids, for example. Why not repurpose your old plate rack and turn it into a carryall for those plastic Tupperware lids? Arrange them by size then stack them on their side. It will be easier to find the right lid for your food storage. A vertical arrangement also means you can store more in a small space.

Corral Containers with Peg Boards

Pegboards have come into their own these past few years. These boards with holes have made it easier to organize and showcase stuff. There’s no law that says these boards can only go on the wall. You can add them to drawers or insert them in sliding cabinets.

The pegs make it easier to stack plastic containers according to their size. You can adjust it so it can either be the lids or a stack of plastic ware.

These boards are affordable and easy to find in home stores. If you have the cash to spare, invest in kitchen cabinet organizers inspired by pegboards.

Get Creative with Dividers

You can also store your plastic ware in drawers. Use dividers to keep them organized. Get creative with your dividers. You can go old school with drawer dividers. You can also use tension rods or old book bins. These will help you save time and your sanity. You won’t go crazy pawing through the drawer looking for the right lid.

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