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There’s No Place Like A Freshly Cleaned and Sanitized Office

At PCT Clean, we believe that a tidy office means a productive work environment.

Did you know that the number of sick days an average employee takes every year is directly correlated to the number of germs and allergens sitting on their office desk? With our professional office cleaning services, we significantly reduce that number and give you a healthier workplace. Our cleaning program is flexible and customizable according to your unique office needs and company budget. We also offer long-term office cleaning services to save you and your team from having to deal with any dirty work. Request a quote or book a cleaning appointment today.
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The Office Cleaning Company You Can Rely On

General Office Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfection Services:

As a professional office cleaning company, we offer packages for general office cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection services. Our basic office cleaning package includes, but are not limited to:

  • Dusting: High ceiling areas and walls and low spaces like baseboards; dust-remove cobwebs; Surface dusting-all flat surfaces hand-wiped with a microfiber towel;
  • Floors: Vacuum carpets: Sweep and wet mop floors hard surface floors with a ph Neutral cleaner;
  • Walls: Mirrors & pictures left clean and shiny;
  • Trash: Trash removed and relined with plastic bags;
  • Break-room: Disinfect and Sanitize countertop, stovetop, outside/top of the fridge and inside microwave; Sink is disinfected and left clean; Sweep and wet mop the floors with Microfiber Mops.
  • Bathrooms: Disinfect, sanitize and wash all showers, tubs, commodes, and sinks; Sweep and mop the floor.

Why Choose PCT Office Cleaners?

Our office cleaning service is designed for commercial businesses, both small and large scale. With our custom cleaning program, we can be flexible in setting your cleaning schedule and package inclusions. Why stress when you, like other companies, can choose PCT office cleaners?

Skilled Office Cleaners

Our team boasts experience and expertise in a wide range of workplace environments. Whether it’s an office, bank, medical facility, school, or other commercial space, our office cleaners are trained and exposed to work efficiently.

Zero Interference Commercial Cleaning Service

At PCT, we promise that you and your employees can feel the impact of our cleaning work without having to deal with any interference from our team. We ensure that our commercial cleaning services run smoothly without disrupting your business operations.

A Virus-Free Office

We take office hygiene seriously by using eco-friendly chemicals and modern tools and equipment to tackle allergens and eliminate viruses in your small office or huge corporate office, leaving it safe for your employees, customers, and guests.

Our Commercial Cleaning Service Provides Value To Your Business

PCT Initial + Rotation Office Cleaning

We’re not just another commercial cleaning service provider, we are your partners in keeping your office attractively clean and safe for your guests and customers.

We recommend our initial + rotation office cleaning to achieve a consistently healthy work environment. This is the best maintenance cleaning plan to ensure all areas get the cleaning attention they deserve.

From our initial office cleaning, we continue with a careful system that categorizes your office into zones that need deep cleaning. During our visit, our office cleaners will perform deep cleaning of the following, based on its schedule:


Commercial Cleaning Service | PCT Clean

Trim around windows and doors

Door panels, window sills, baseboards

Light fixtures/ceiling fans.


Switch plates

A Cleaner and Healthier Office Space
Is Just One Click Away

Whether It’s A Small Office or a Corporate Office, We Can Handle The Cleaning!

PCT Deep-Detail Office Sanitizing, Disinfection and Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning | PCT-Clean

There is no space too big or too small for PCT Clean. Our flexible packages suit small office cleaning and corporate office cleaning services.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we perform thorough deep cleaning that leave your business office sparkling clean and free of viruses, grimes, and allergens.

Our team uses the Top to Bottom-Left to Right method of cleaning, leaving no stones unturned when performing rotation cleaning. 

Our Deep-Detail Commercial Office Cleaning Service Includes:

Move-in Move out Cleaning | PCT Clean

Clean, sanitize and disinfect the inside of cabinets, drawers (for move-in/move out cleans)

Appliances Cleaning | PCT Clean

Appliances-Clean the inside of refrigerators, oven, stove top and microwave

window cleaning | PCT Clean

Inside windows, if needed

Carpet Steam Cleaning | PCT Clean

Carpets steam cleaned, if needed

Air Ducts Cleaning | PCT Clean

Air ducts cleaned, if needed

Pressure Washing | PCT Clean

Pressure washing on the outside business, parking lots, etc, if needed


See What Our Clients Have To Say

PCT Clean has been nothing but great for our company. Paula and Ariana always do a great job. It is a wonderful change to see folks who are happy with their job! Hard working team who always has a smile when speaking to you. They do an awesome job

Horace Higgins

Christ Episcopal Church relies on PCT for all of our church and office cleaning and sanitation needs. We could not be happier with PCT’s service and I recommend them regularly to businesses and colleagues. Their team is tremendously helpful, thorough, and responsive. I wish every business vendor we engage with would be like PCT.”

Ben Day

So thankful for this team! They are thorough and dependable. Dante was our cleaner this week and we came in on Monday to a fresh and clean office. Mr. Patel is always receptive and responsive to any special requests we have. We’ve also had other Supervisors come out to see if there is anything else we need. Top notch service! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Bedgood

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