How Office Cleaning Services Can Help Your Business Succeed

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Statistics show that the average individual spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. Your job environment has a big effect on the quality of your life. If you’re a business owner, it’s important to keep your staff healthy. After all, people feeling under the weather are not as productive at work, and sick days are expensive. It was reported that this type of absence costs companies $3,900 per worker.

A good way to maintain employee wellness is to hire a company like PCT Clean. You and your employees can focus on making the company a success. PCT Clean will handle the office cleaning. Office cleaning services are a sensible investment and can even help your bottom line. Here’s how:

They are Cost-Effective

Many companies have in-house office cleaners on hand. Maintaining them means higher overhead. You’ll also be adding to administrative and insurance costs since they are part of your payroll. Plus, you’ll have to spend money on cleaning supplies and tools. These are always replenished on a regular basis. You might also have to invest in cleaning equipment and provide a storage room for your cleaning supplies.

A cleaning service is more affordable in the long run. They will come on a schedule that you have set. There are packages available ranging from daily cleanings to weekly or monthly. They have their own cleaning tools so you don’t have to worry about that. You’re also guaranteed a thorough and professional service every time.

You can Protect Your Assets and Reduce Liability

Every company has equipment and proprietary data that is crucial to running the business. Leaving the cleaning to people without the right training could do more harm than good. Your company might even lose valuable private data. You won’t have to worry about that when you go with professional office cleaning services. These commercial cleaning companies have a supervisor on each team. They watch the cleaners and do a quality check after each job. Every cleaning technician undergoes extensive background checks and professional training. They’re also covered by accident, crime, and liability insurance.

You can also reduce your liability risks if you work with professional cleaners. These individuals are often used to bending down and reaching up as they clean. They’re also used to climbing ladders and other manual work. These are not activities that most staff members do often. You don’t want an inexperienced member of your cleaning staff to handle these jobs.

You Can Get More Done

Professional cleaners know how to get the job done right and in the shortest time possible. You don’t have to make a to-do list or have to watch over them. There’s also no need to assign a task or give long instructions. Every team has a leader who will make sure everything is always taken care of. All you need to do is schedule a day for them to clean. It’s one less thing to worry about. You can spend your time doing what you do best, which is to run your company.

Professional Cleaning Can Impress Clients

What image will your brand project if a prospective customer sees a dirty office? Will they believe you can do a good job if every table is full of clutter, coffee cups or paper? No, they won’t. First impressions always matter in business. You’ll be sending a positive message if customers see a clean retail space. A tidy and organized office also shows professionalism and capability.

A commercial office cleaning team can help you make a good impression. They know trade secrets that will make your windows sparkle and your floors shine. They can even make sure that your office smells fresh and clean. Market research shows that smell has a big impact on sales. People often associate something that smells good with high quality.

Keep Your Employees Happy and Healthy

There’s truth in the saying that happy workers equal satisfied customers. If your employees love their workspace, they will work harder. A clean workspace goes a long way in motivating workers and boosting their morale. Investing in professional cleaners shows that you care for your employees.

It’s hard for employees to concentrate if their office is always cluttered and dirty. Instead of doing their job, they will spend more time tidying up their cubicles. They might spend hours looking for what they need. You can help keep them on track and productive by making sure someone is keeping the office clean.

A clean office means a longer lifespan for your equipment as well. Dust and dirt do wreak havoc on any machine, whether it’s a computer or a custom tool. They add stress and worsen normal wear and tear. Machines could stop or become damaged beyond repair. This means downtime and money to fix. Office cleaning companies know how to deal with

dust, dirt and grime and understand why you need to keep your employees safe from health issues. They’re also trained to handle equipment with the proper amount of care.

You’ll Deal with Less Absences

Absences due to health problems cause companies millions every year. It’s a big loss in productivity and profit. It’s even more tenuous now with the threat of the coronavirus. Every office has its share of dirt and dust particles. It’s also a breeding ground for allergens, germs, and viruses. These tiny allergens  can stick to carpets or spread through the HVAC system. Janitorial services often deal with the areas they can see. But a professional cleaning team can do a deep clean and disinfection of your store or office. Most cleaning companies today are also adept at sanitizing against COVID-19. That’s something you can’t guarantee with in-house cleaners.

Hiring a top-ranked business cleaning service provides you with many advantages. You can attract more clients and build up your brand. Your employees remain happy and healthy. They will show their appreciation by working harder in return. Since they’re healthy, you’re also ensuring productivity and losing less money on sick days. A cleaning company is a good investment for your business.

Helping Improve Your Bottom Line

Embrace the sweet smell of success with the help of PCT Clean. Our prestigious cleaning team is one of the best companies in Georgia. We clean so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Our services include home and office cleaning. We also do deep disinfecting, construction cleanup, and move-in, and move-out cleaning. We tailor our services to fit your needs. All our cleaners are highly-trained and insured. You can reach us at (770) 422-5326. Send us a message here to request a quote.