Post Construction Cleanup Services

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Are you finished with a construction project? We are a construction cleaning company that will clean up all post construction dust, dirt, and other leftover materials. Our construction cleanup experts have years of experience cleaning up after builders and sub contractors.

With our construction clean up services, we will make the move in transition smooth, clean, and safe. Our services and programs can be tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a new construction or renovation of your home or commercial property, we have the right team, tools and equipment to make your space exactly how you imagined from your architect’s perspective – perfect and free of post-job mess.

The Phases of Our Post Construction Cleaning Services

We are committed to providing you with detailed after construction cleaning services. Our post construction clean up includes the following:

Rough Clean

This cleaning will allow for the final walk-through to be more accessible and any touch-up work needed by contractors to be more readily visible. It takes place either during or right after the construction work wraps up. In this phase, we remove all surface dust and properly dispose of trash such as leftover building materials and other large pieces.

Final Clean

Once all subcontractors work has been completed, PCT Construction cleaning will prepare the building for achieving the Certificate of Occupancy. The final cleaning in construction is the most labor-intensive phase as it includes cleaning all installations and vacuuming the entire space to wipe down all smudges and markings left behind from construction work.

Touch Up Clean

Once the Rough and Final cleans have been completed and your Certificate of Occupancy has been issued, we will return to get your space ready for work or living. In this after construction cleaning services phase, we touch up the areas we cleaned during the Final cleaning. We perform full vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, small debris and trash removal.

Why Choose PCT Clean Construction Cleaning Services

Don’t Stress! We Clean Up Your Construction Mess

Our professional post-construction cleaners will make sure your future home or business place shines from floor to ceiling with our after building cleaning services. We understand that with new construction, you have timelines to follow and deadlines to meet. We rise up to the challenge by providing efficient construction cleaning services that can be done on short notices.

Advanced Construction Cleaning Process

We are not your average maid service. We always go above and beyond to deliver eco-friendly construction cleaning solutions. We only use equipment that is EPA-approved and highly effective in eliminating 99.99% of germs, viruses, and bacteria.

High Standard After Construction Cleaning

At PCT Clean, we follow the highest standards in after construction cleaning. We have programs customized to your post construction needs. We also offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in all our services so you can be sure that you get what you pay for.

Professional Construction Cleaning Company

We are proud to say that our cleaners are trained, certified, and experienced in construction cleaning. We work closely with your contractors and service technicians for a smooth construction cleaning process. As a professional construction cleaning company, you can trust that our process goes hand in hand with your construction team and the deadlines they have to meet.

Construction Cleaning Standard Checklist

We follow a service checklist for all of our cleaning services after construction job sites. Whether it’s commercial or residential post construction cleaning, we pay attention to the fine details such as the baseboards, ledges, trim, and fixtures. We clean every nook and cranny so you don’t have to do anything before you move in.

The Final Clean phase of our post construction cleaning service consists of, but not limited to:

Floors: Scrape floors of debris, sweep (with Sweeping Compound), wash floors, wet mop, and vacuuming.

Bathrooms: Clean light fixtures of dust, sanitize and disinfect all urinals, commodes, showers, and tubs (if applicable).

Windows: We use a three-step method for better viewing.

Remove excess paint and/or stickers.

Remove dust.

Clean for a great view!

Surfaces: All surfaces are vacuumed and then damp wiped with a disinfecting agent. These surfaces include baseboards, chair rails, window sills, counter tops, inside/front/top of drawers and cabinets.

Vents: PCT Construction will damp clean vents and vacuum all floors to remove debris and dust. Vents on ceilings and walls will be cleaned if within reach.

Appliances: Damp cleaned and left shining

Light Fixtures: Light fixtures with a four-step ladder reach will be cleaned and left shining.

Trash Removal: Remove trash and small debris left behind from contractors touch-ups

Post Construction Cleaning Services for All Types of Construction

New Commercial Construction Cleaning

Our commercial construction cleaning service is available for all types of facilities and buildings. We have serviced various buildings such as schools, clinics, offices, restaurants, and more. We make sure that whatever commercial space we work on, we deliver professional and healthy work environments free of harmful germs and dangerous materials.

New Residential Construction Cleaning

Isn’t it exciting to move into a newly built home until you realize there’s so much cleaning work to do? PCT Clean knows what new residential post construction cleaning entails. We use only non-toxic and family-friendly products so the house is ready for you and your family.

Renovation Cleaning Services

Have you renovated a portion of your home or office? Our post renovation cleaning services can remove all kinds of mess to leave your place looking like nothing ever happened. With proper tools and equipment, we perform a thorough cleaning of your newly renovated space.

Leave the post construction mess to cleaning


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