Sanitizing and Disinfecting Cleaning Services

Our Residential Cleaning Service guarantees 100% Satisfaction!

General Residential Sanitizing and Cleaning:

Surface Dusting

PCT can clean and sanitize about 500-600 square feet of space per hour (when space is left in a workable condition).

      • Dusting: High (ceiling areas and walls)/low (baseboards) dust-remove cobwebs; Surface dusting-all flat surfaces hand-wiped with a microfiber towel;
      • Floors: Vacuum carpets: Sweep and wet mop floors hard surface floors with a ph Neutral cleaner;
        Walls: Mirrors & pictures left clean and shiny;
      • Trash: Trash removed and relined with plastic bags;
      • Kitchen: Disinfect and Sanitize countertop, stovetop, outside/top of the fridge and inside microwave; Sink is disinfected and left clean; Sweep and wet mop the floors with Microfiber Mops.
      • Disinfect, sanitize and wash all showers, tubs, commodes, and sinks; Sweep and mop the floor.

We want to make you happy with our cleaning services. Our guarantee to you is that when we make a mistake we re-clean the area of concern how you need us too. That’s our promise and our guarantee. This is a comprehensive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because you deserve it.

PCT Initial + Rotation House Cleaning

House Cleaning

PCT can clean 600-700 square feet of space per hour (when the space is left in workable condition) The BEST maintenance cleaning plan for a Healthy Home. PCT will perform a deep clean in the kitchen and bathrooms with a General house cleaning on the rest of the home. Every visit after PCT Clean will deep clean one room per visit and perform a General Clean on the rest of your home. These are places that typically do not get the cleaning attention:


  • Trim around windows and doors
  • Door panels, window sills, baseboards.
  • Light fixtures/ceiling fans.
  • Blinds/shutters.
  • Switch plates

PCT Deep-Detail House Cleaning Services

Residential House Cleaning Service
Our team can sanitize, disinfect and clean 300-400 square feet per hour (when space is left in workable condition) pct uses the Top to Bottom-Left to Right method of cleaning our team will perform a Rotation Cleaning in every room of the home. Our Deep-Detail Residential House Cleaning Service Includes:


  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect the inside of cabinets, drawers (for move-in/move out cleans)
  • Appliances-Clean the inside of refrigerators, oven, stove top and microwave
  • Inside windows, if needed
  • Carpets steam cleaned, if needed
  • Air ducts cleaned, if needed
  • Pressure washing on the outside of the home-decks, driveways etc, if needed

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