What is the Best Spider Web Cleaner to Use at Home?

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It’s amazing how millions of people are afraid of a little spider. Around three to 15% of Americans have arachnophobia. It’s a shame though as these insects help control pests inside and outside the home.

Cobwebs and spiderwebs are a different matter though. Spider webs in the garden are OK, but no one wants to see them inside a house. It doesn’t add anything to the look of the room, except during Halloween. Plus, the presence of spider webs gives the impression that you haven’t cleaned that room in a while.

Getting rid of spider webs is the work of a minute. In fact, you might have removed a cobweb or two without noticing. The challenge is preventing these webs from appearing. Many people also wonder what’s the best spider web cleaner to use.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Spider Webs and Cobwebs

Many people think of cobwebs and spider webs as being one and the same. Both come from spider silk that comes from its spinnerets. But there’s a slight difference. Cobwebs don’t have a spider on them. Think of them as abandoned spider webs. Like anything that’s abandoned, it attracts dust and dirt.

It’s a good thing that cleaning them is simple. You don’t need any special equipment. Professional cleaners only use basic cleaning supplies. Here’s a quick rundown of what they do to ensure they rid rooms of spider webs.

· Vanquish Them with a Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner will make short work of any cobweb. A handheld vacuum is ideal because it’s easy to maneuver. But you can also use your regular floor vacuum. Attach the extension nozzle to make it easier to reach the cobwebs. Spiders love to create webs in dark spaces, like the underside of furniture. Using a vacuum means you won’t have to get down on your knees to reach these places.

The vacuum’s suction will suck those webs in fast. You might have to go over some areas a few times for webs stuck to the wall. Check every furniture and curtain. The folds in curtains and creases in sofas are favorite hiding places of spiders. Run your vacuum over them. You can also use a lint roller to remove any leftover webs. Don’t forget to empty your vacuum’s dust bag after use.

· Sweep Webs Away

No vacuum? No worries! A broom is also a handy tool for getting rid of cobwebs. Run the bristles along the ceiling or across the walls. Use a long-handled broom to reach the corners. Some webs will float down so make sure you sweep the floor afterward. You’ll soon have all traces of spider webs gone.

· Swipe with Soft Dusters

Some professional cleaning services don’t bother with vacuums. They use soft dusters instead. These handy and fluffy cleaners can get rid of dust and cobwebs in one swipe. The soft bristle or cloth also means less chance of damaging wallpaper or paint job.

It’s also easy to make your own soft duster. You can tie an old sock or shirt at the end of a long stick, Swipe it around the surface in a gentle manner.

· Deal with Textures Using a Roller Brush 

It’s annoying how fast cobwebs can become stuck to walls and ceilings. It’s even more irritating if these surfaces are textures. A broom or feather duster will only smear the webs on a larger area. A paint roller is more effective in this situation. Stick several patches of double-sided tape on the sponge side of the roller. Roll it over the ceiling or wall. The cobwebs will stick to it fast.

Remove the tape once its surface is already covered. It’s useless at this point and can’t collect any more webs. Change the adhesive tape and repeat the process. You might have to do this a few times Sweep the floor afterward.

· Spray Your Screens

Spiders also love to spin their webs in the corners of window screens. Getting the web out can be difficult. Some could become wedged tight in the corners. Others will shrink and stick to the screen. A water hose or spray bottle will save the day.

Spray down the window screen with water. Aim the nozzle at the spider webs and let loose. Remove the screen. Use a spray bottle to get rid of the webs lodged in the screen’s small openings. Focus on the windows next. Clean them to remove any residue from the webs. A liquid soap and water solution will work well.

Check the screen or window for any cracks. Replace or fix them. You’ll be able to prevent spiders from entering your home.

· Bleach Them Away

Every household should have a bottle of bleach or two. It’s one of the best cleaning materials around. It’s also an effective cobweb deterrent. Mix a cup of bleach in a large pan of water. Fill a spray bottle with the solution. Shake it well and spray over every spider web you see. Wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat as needed. This bleach solution will also remove any spider eggs. Don’t forget to wear gloves when handling bleach.

Simple Solutions for Your Cleaning Problems

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