How to Make Tidying Bathroom for Guests Quick and Easy

Tidying Bathroom for Guests | PCT Clean

The holidays are fast approaching. This means dinners and other get-togethers. If you’re the host, you’re excited about people coming over. But there’s a good chance you’re also stressing about the cleanliness of your home.

It appears there’s a good reason for it. People do tend to judge someone based on how clean their house is. One study revealed that a dirty bathroom can be a deal breaker for some. That’s reason enough to make sure that the bathroom is clean and ready for guests. But how can you do this on top of all the party preparations? You can hire professional cleaners. Or you can follow these useful tips for tidying the bathroom for guests.

Check That Everything is Working

A toilet that doesn’t flush is a nightmare, for both the host and the guest who used it. Make sure this doesn’t happen on your big day. Check that everything in the bathroom is working. The flush should be flushing. The faucet should have water and the sink is draining. It’s best if you do this at least two weeks before your party. It gives you ample time to fix what’s needed.

Go with Automated Bowl Cleaners

Automatic toilet cleaners should be in the top ten list of the world’s best inventions. This nifty little gadget is always hidden inside the toilet’s tank. It releases a cleaning solution into the toilet bowl with every flush. This ensures the bowl won’t have stains. It also leaves the water clear. An automated cleaner is a boon to the cleaning services company.

Get Everything Out

Professional cleaning services often take out all the sundry items in the bathroom. This hastens the cleaning process. They’ll remove all the bottles, boxes, and canisters. It allows them to clean through the room instead of cleaning around things.

You can take a page out of this playbook. Start by stashing all the items in a carryall. It will be easier to lug things out and place them back. You should also take the time to toss out used-up items. Replacing the shower curtain with a new or clean one will also leave a positive impression.

Do a Quick Clean

You can hire the best cleaning service to do a deep cleaning of your bathroom before a party. Another option is to do a quick clean yourself. Wipe down all accessible surfaces. You can start with the mirror before tackling the sink. Use an all-purpose cleaning solution to sanitize it. Don’t forget to scrub the toilet and shower stall too

Do a quick sweep. You want to get rid of the dirt and hair. Finish things off by mopping the floor.

Organize Backup Toiletries

You can also make things easier for yourself if you have tons of extra toiletries on hand. Hang extra fluffy towels on the rack. Place toilet rolls in a cute basket and place them under the sink. You can also add soap and shampoo there as well. This will make it easier to replace items before they run out.

Add Some Greener

Plants are a good addition to the bathroom. It’s the fastest way to add beauty to the space. The right kind of plant can make your bathroom look clean and smell fresh. Some are also touted to reduce the dust and allergens in the air.

Helping Relieve the Holiday Stress

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