Tips for Preparing Your Closet for Summer

Preparing Your Closet for Summer | PCT Clean

The summer has been a blistering one. Land temperatures in June was warmer by 1.5 degrees Celsius since the 1980s. Countries like the US, the UK, and China also experienced scorching heat waves.

Despite the heat, many people still celebrated the advent of the hot weather. Summer remains a favorite among many Americans. Picnics and pools are also among the top reasons why people love summer. Millions also find the warm weather a welcome change, along with the longer hours of daylight.

The warmer temperatures also mean you don’t have to live in your sweaters and yoga pants. It’s now time to break out the flip-flops and sleeveless tops. But that would entail preparing your closet for summer. This will make putting together a summer outfit easy and fun. Getting your boudoir ready for summer isn’t difficult. These handy tips will make the process painless.

Plan Your Storage Space

The first thing you need to do is find a place where you’ll store your winter items and other seasonal stuff. Renting a storage space is a great idea. You’ll save valuable space at home. Your possessions will also be safe and secure.

How about the garage or attic? Those are also ideal storage areas. But make sure they’re not musty or damp. You don’t want to deal with insects or mildew later on. Have a cleaning services company clear it out before storing your possessions.

Say Your Goodbyes

It’s best practice to weigh items before putting them in storage. You’re working with limited space so make sure everything you store is items you want and need. Run a critical eye over your winter outfits. Say goodbye to damaged clothes. Meanwhile, set aside outfits that no longer fit. You should also let go of items you might not wear next year. You can donate or sell these items.

Ready Your Closet

Don’t chuck out the old and throw in the new. You also need to prepare your closet for summer storage. A clean slate is always preferable. Professional cleaners have a method for cleaning closets. They’ll wipe down shelves and hangers. A good sweep or vacuum will soon have it ready for your hot weather outfits.

Get Your Summer Things Out

You should always do a quick inventory of anything you pulled out of storage. Check and assess every item before putting it in your closet. Look for damages and stains. Chuck out worn-out or damaged pieces. Put old or outdated clothes in a separate pile. It’s better to get rid of what you can now than deal with it later. You’ll save closet space. You also won’t worry about storing them later on.

Start Organizing Your Summer Closet

Now that you’re left with clothes that you know you’ll use, you can start placing them in your closet. Organize them based on their use. Separate clothes you’ll wear for work from pieces for fun and play. You can even arrange each item within categories by color. Try to leave some space between each closet section.

Don’t know what to do with your other stuff? It’s time to invest in some storage accessories. Buy some nice baskets or cool-looking bins. You can place your sandals or summer throws in them. You can store them on the shelves or under the hangers.

Welcome Warm Weather

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