Top Ways of Cleaning Your Patio (Outdoor Hardscapes)

Cleaning Your Patio | PCT Clean

There’s more to creating a great outdoor space than meets the eye. You need elements that add life and a bit of softness. There should also be hardscapes to ground the whole design.

What are hardscapes? These are the man-made structures integrated into the landscaping. Most people tend to focus on plants and flowers. But hardscaping features are vital to the design as well. A gravel path or paver makes it easier to walk through the yard. A patio or deck adds more living space to your home.

If you’re lucky, all these elements will come together in one amazing design. It can also boost your property’s value anywhere from five percent to 12.7%. This means cleaning your patio (outdoor hardscapes) should be part of your upkeep. You might need to hire professional cleaners for some of your hardscapes. But you can clean and maintain most of it on your own. Check out these top suggestions for maintaining your hardscapes.

Do a Deep Clean Twice a Year

Regular cleaning is a must in both indoor and outdoor spaces. But you should also do a deep clean twice a year. The best times to do this would be spring and fall.

Fall cleaning is critical as you’re also prepping the area for winter. You want to get off as much of the debris and dirt buildup as you can. Getting rid of leaves and various clutter will go a long way in protecting your pavers.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company after a big storm. There’s often more debris to deal with. You also need experts to look over your hardscapes with a critical eye. They can look for any damage and do a thorough cleaning.

Clean Stains ASAP

Homeowners know they should deal with carpet stains as soon as it happens. You should do the same for your pavers. The sooner you clean spills and messes, the less chance it will leave a stain. Especially rust and grease. It can destroy your beautiful pathway and cause accidents. It’s also a good idea to have your pavers sealed. It will mean less work for you or your hired cleaning services company.

Watch Out for Moss

Moss might give your outdoor space a certain panache but it’s more trouble than you think. Moss can damage your hardscape. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep the shaded areas dry. Check if there’s standing water on your hardscape. These might pool in the crevices or on the paver’s surface. Make sure you sweep away water and dry the shady areas. Otherwise, the damp environment could cause molds or moss to grow.

Moss has roots. These can take over the joints of your hardscape and destroy them. It’s why you should remove any moss from your hardscapes. You can also prevent this pesky organism from growing. Make a bleach and water solution and spray it on your hardscapes. Do this in areas where there’s standing water. It kills moss and won’t damage any sealants.

Do an Acid Wash

Your hardscape will start to lose its vibrant color over time. This is often caused by salt crystallization. An acid wash can bring the colors back to life. You’ll need some muriatic acid. Mix about 20 ounces of it with two gallons of water.

Wash the hardscape with it. Make sure it’s coated with the solution. Leave it for three minutes. You can then rinse it off using a garden hose.

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