Why Do You Need to Clean Your Toilet?

Why Do You Need to Clean Your Toilet | PCT Clean

The answer to this is quite obvious. More than just the aesthetics, not cleaning your toilet can be harmful to your health. Just so you know, bacteria can build up over time in your toilet. Thus, you need to have a regular cleaning session. You can do it on your own or ask professionals from PCT Clean to do it for you.

Basic Toilet Cleaning Supplies 

If you wish to do the cleaning on your own, invest in good supplies. Here’s a quick list that could help you. 

Vinegar or Toilet Cleaner 

Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution and you probably have one already. But if you wish for special cleaning solutions, you are free to buy one for your toilet. These will remove not just bacteria but also the hard-water buildup. In general, look for products that have bleach.    

Towel or Cloth 

When using reusable towels for your toilet, wash them thoroughly and don’t use them for other purposes. For others, use paper towels so they can easily be thrown away once you are done cleaning the toilet. 

Toilet Brush

Make sure you are using a quality toilet brush. If it has been sitting in your home for several years, it’s time to change it, or it may not be able to clean your toilet thoroughly. When choosing a toilet brush, look for something that can reach all the nooks and crannies. It should also be wide enough so you don’t need to spend too much time scrubbing.   

All-Purpose Disinfectant  

Kill germs and bacteria with a good disinfectant. There are many to choose from and it will all boil down to your preference. Use it to wipe the outside of the bowl, seat, tank, and even the flushing handle. You can even disinfect the toilet brush after using it. 

Pumice Stones 

Pumice stones are effective in cleaning filthy toilets because these are naturally harder than most mineral deposits but softer than porcelain. That means you won’t scratch your “throne” as you clean it. 

Scrub Sponge

Scrub sponges can be used when cleaning the exterior of the toilet and the tank. There are many to choose from and these are available at the nearest supermarket. 

Like your brush, make sure it’s in its top condition so it can do its job. Otherwise, you might have to replace it.   

Waterproof Rubber Gloves

Some people want to use rubber gloves, but a few would rather not wear a pair. However, if your skin is sensitive to cleaning solutions, we recommend getting these for yourself. 

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl 

Let’s begin with your toilet bowl. 

Apply Toilet Cleaner 

Get a quality cleaner, apply it to your toilet and let it soak for a while. If you run out of cleaning solutions, don’t fret. You can also use a cup of vinegar and swish it around your bowl using a brush. 

By the way, you can also use Coke to dissolve stains. Let it sit for an hour to break the stain. Once done, you can scrub the toilet and you are all good. 

Disinfect Your Toilet 

While waiting for the toilet cleaner to soak in, you can apply a disinfectant to the exterior of your toilet. Just in case your toilet is filthy, wipe it first using paper towels. Don’t forget to throw them directly into the bin. Don’t flush paper towels. 

Scrub the Toilet’s Exterior 

It’s time to scrub around your toilet. We recommend paying attention to the base and the floor surrounding the toilet. 

Start Working on the Toilet’s Interior 

When you are done working on the exterior, you can now brush the bowl. For hard to remove stains, use pumice stones. 

Don’t forget the rim where the water runs. Many people don’t clean this because it’s out of sight and hard to reach. You can use either sponge or brush for this. 

Cleaning Your Toilet Water Tank 

Your water tank is important, too. As a first step, remove the lid and check the inside. If you notice any type of buildup, you can simply pour four cups of vinegar directly into the tank and let it sit for an hour. 

Turn off the water from your toilet and flush it. Doing so will drain the tank. You can now scrub the tank walls while it’s empty and then turn the water back on. Flush the toilet several times to further clean the tank. 

How Long Will It Take To Clean the Toilet? 

There’s no standard timeframe for cleaning the toilet. But in general, most people can do it in 15 to 20 minutes, considering that most cleaners will require you to leave it for 10 minutes. Use your best judgment and don’t miss a spot when cleaning.

How Do You Unclog Your Toilet Bowl? 

For mild clogs, the solution is quite simple. You can use a plunger or if one is not available, use boiling water and pour it directly into the toilet.  

Avoid the Following, How To Clean a Toilet 

We know it’s tempting to use tank additives. These are the tablets or discs that you leave in your water tank and can turn your toilet water to blue. However, these can void the warranty of your toilet. The tablets might seem unharmful but could affect your tank, which is why experts don’t recommend using these. 

Likewise, stay away from brushes with silicone bristles as these are not effective. Don’t use disposable toilet-cleaning wands, either, because these are expensive!   

You Don’t Love Cleaning Toilets? PCT Clean Is Here! 

We understand that not all people are fond of cleaning toilets. If you are one of them, don’t worry. PCT Clean is going to help you clean not just your toilets but your entire home. With our cleaning professionals, we guarantee quality service every single time. 

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