Why Move-In Cleaning Is A Good Idea


When you move into a new home, it will most likely be “broom clean.” This term is common in the world of real estate. It means that a home is clear of debris and personal items. If you want to ensure your new home is sparkling clean and disinfected, it’s best to give it a good move in cleaning before bringing your things inside. 


Move in Cleaning: Why You Need It


Many people assume that if something looks clean, it’s clean enough. This is unfortunately not the case. Even the cleanest humans can’t help but leave dirt behind after living in a space for a while. There are a lot of good reasons to consider a deep move in cleaning of your new home before you settle in. 


Reduced Allergens


Even if the home looks clean, you can bet that whoever was there before you left some dead skin cells behind. The human body sheds between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells each day. They end up in dust that gets ground into carpets and stuck in corners. A broom clean won’t take care of this issue.


Along with dead skin cells, other allergens can end up in your home. These include pollen, pet dander, and environmental pollutants. If you or someone you live with has allergies, a deep clean before moving in will be imperative. A professional cleaning team will clean the dust from all the nooks and crannies. Moving into your new home will feel like a breath of fresh air! 


Healthier Floors and Carpets


Is the floor of your new home filthy? Unless you’ve had a deep clean prior to moving in, the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter how clean the previous occupants were. If they wore shoes inside the home, they tracked in a lot of dirt. 


A University of Arizona study found that most shoes are covered with dirt, bacteria, and even fecal matter. The study, which was conducted by microbiologist Charles Gerba, found that 96 percent of shoes had traces of fecal matter on them. The shoes gather the filth when we walk through public areas. This is one reason that many cultures frown upon the wearing of shoes indoors. 


If the thought of trace fecal matter on your floor makes you cringe, we can help. Our professional cleaning crew can give your home a complete top-to-bottom move in cleaning. 




In the era of covid-19, ensuring that a living space is clean and disinfected is more important than ever. While it’s unlikely that you’ll catch the virus from the previous occupants, a good professional move in cleaning is still worth the peace of mind. When PCT does a deep clean, we disinfect everything from the countertops and floors to the inside of the cabinets and drawers. We can even clean out your air ducts if needed! 




If you don’t have your new home professionally cleaned before moving in, you’ll have no choice but to clean things yourself. A move is stressful enough without additional items on your to-do list. A thorough deep clean will allow you to spend the first week settling into your new space rather than worrying about cleaning it. 


A Smart Option for Landlords


As a landlord, you might choose to deep clean a unit before anyone new moves in. It’s a good idea to offer more than just a broom clean to your tenants. For one thing, when you start a new lease with the unit in tip-top condition, it’ll be easier to keep track of any damage caused by tenants. It’s also important to be able to offer new tenants a disinfected living space. As the world continues to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, more people will be thinking about sanitation and cleanliness. 


A Quality Move in Cleaning


Does your new home need a professional clean before you move in? If you’re in Kennesaw, GA, or surrounding areas, contact PCT. We’ll clean your home from top to bottom, giving you a truly fresh start. For a free quote, please reach out to us.