A Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your House Cleaning 2021

A new season means it’s time to get to house cleaning! Time to clean up the gunk and clear out the junk from your house!

It may seem overwhelming to clean your whole home, but with our spring-cleaning checklist, you will have a great list to go by to get it all done. (Or, you can always call us to help you with your House Cleaning Spring Checklist!)

Our spring-cleaning checklist covers all the essential areas of the home and breaks it down into a list of ordered essential tasks.

A good spring cleaning is an opportunity to refresh your home and enable you to enjoy all the benefits of a new, warmer season. Here are a few reasons why spring house cleaning is important:

Better Air Quality: When your home is closed off and insulated during the winter months, dust settles and your air quality in impacted. A solid spring cleaning improves the air quality of your home. With a clean house, your mood will improve too! When your home looks better, you will feel better.

Less Clutter: When clutter builds up, it wears you down. When you have stuff taking up space and gathering dust in your home without purpose, it can impact your mental health as well as your physical health. A thorough spring cleaning is a known mood booster and space-finder! When you clean the clutter, you will feel less stressed.

Let in the Light: A thorough spring cleaning helps you see your home in a new light. Maybe the layout of your office was a little uncomfortable? Or, maybe the stack of books in the family room needs to be put away, because it’s blocking the sunlight? A spring cleaning can open up new possibilities for your home and reveal new spaces.

Kill Germs: Bathrooms and Kitchens are the dirtiest places in the home. They typically benefit the most from a good deep-cleaning. When you are ready to clean the bathroom or kitchen, we recommend that you clean from top to bottom to allow dust and dirt to fall, then scrub or mop it up last. Clean the cabinet doors, inside the drawers, dust the lights, clean the mirrors, lean the faucets and knobs, and scrub the shower/tub area. Lastly, scrub the tile as you exit the bathroom. Get it shiny and smelling fresh! (FYI: We can help you with a deep cleaning, too!)


Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home:


  • Mop the floors or scrub the tile.
  • Wipe down the windows and mirrors.
  • Wipe down your faucet and sink.
  • Clean the light fixtures
  • Scrub your toilet (including the base of the toilet).
  • Deep clean your shower.
  • Clean the counters.
  • Wipe down your cabinet doors and drawers.

Bedroom Spring Cleaning:

  • Strip the bed sheets, curtains, linens
  • Clean the light fixtures or dust the ceiling fan
  • Vacuum the floors, or Sweep the Hardwood Floors
  • Vacuum the mattress
  • Wipe down mirrors
  • Dust all surfaces

Family Room Spring Cleaning:

  • Disinfect the light switches and the doorknobs.
  • Dust your tables/surfaces, shelves, and bookcases.
  • Clean your furniture or polish if necessary.
  • Wipe down the windows and mirrors.
  • Clean and dust any electronics.
  • Sweep out your fireplace.
  • Clean the mantle or hearth.
  • Vacuum upholstered chairs, sofas, couches, loveseats and ottomans.

If you are in the Kennesaw, Acworth, Cartersville, Canton or Woodstock area of Georgia, and would like help with your Spring Cleaning, call us today!