Do Humidifiers Work: Breaking Down the What, Why, and How

Winter is around the corner. Images of a winter wonderland seem to dominate the media, but the truth is most Americans don’t like winter. Research showed that 23% of Americans go on vacation during this time. Most do so because there are fewer tourists and travel is more affordable. They also do so to get away from the cold.

The season is also uncomfortable for most people. The cold means there’s low humidity even if you’re at home or in a building. This lack of moisture causes the skin to dry. It’s why you end up with itches and chapped lips. Many also suffer from sore throats. The low humidity is also the bane of furniture and indoor plants.

Professional cleaning services also have their work cut out for them. They have to deal with static electricity as they go about their work. There’s also more dust in the air due to closed windows and running furnaces.

A humidifier can make a big difference during winter. These compact machines can reportedly help make the cold manageable. But do humidifiers work? It’s something people want to confirm before they invest in one. Or three.

Getting to Know the Humidifier

A humidifier is an equipment that puts more moisture in the air. It’s designed to prevent dryness, which can irritate various parts of the body. For example, a low moisture environment can induce headaches and bloody noses.

A humidifier releases steam or water vapor into the air. This helps increase the humidity or moisture levels. Humidifiers vary in size and shape. Some humidifiers are also designed like a console. Others are smaller and portable.

Console-type humidifiers are large and wheeled from one place to another. You also have central humidifiers. These are sometimes built into the HVAC systems of a structure. These can add humidity to the entire space. When it comes to portable and compact humidifiers, you can choose from:

  • Evaporators: This humidifier uses a fan. It blows air through a wet belt or filter.
  • Impeller humidifier: It has a rotating disk that creates a mist of cool air.
  • Steam vaporizers: This humidifier creates steam using electricity. The steam cools before it leaves the machine.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier: It uses ultrasonic vibration to produce a cold mist.

Understanding How It Works

Most humidifiers work on a simple principle. It will create enough steam to pump into the atmosphere. This will raise the humidity in your home. The same thing happens when you hang a wet towel near a heater. The air inside the room becomes moist.

Every humidifier follows the same idea. But they do operate in different ways based on their design. Let’s look at the evaporative humidifier. It’s the most common device used. It has a reservoir for cold water. It dispenses it into a basin with a wicking filter. The wick absorbs the water. A fan will then blow air through the wet filter. Some of the water evaporates as the air passes through the wick. The water evaporation lessens as the relative humidity increases.

A steam humidifier has a simpler design. It boils water and releases warm vapor into the room. This type of model is the most affordable in the market. You can also use it with a medicated inhalant. This can help reduce cough and ease a sore throat.

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