Why is My House so Dusty and What Can I Do About It?

It’s frustrating how you can’t seem to get rid of dust. You could go on vacation for a month and dust will still accumulate. It’s enough to make someone demand “why is my house so dusty?”

Dust is a mix of various things. These tiny particles can be dirt, pollen, and fibers. It’s also made up of your old skin cells. Dander from pets also adds to the dust in your home.

There are many ways dust gets in your home. It gets in through every opening in your home, like the windows and HVAC system. You also bring in dust every time you come. No wonder people spend an average of six hours cleaning every week.

You can make life easier by hiring a good cleaning services company. But there are also things you can do to reduce dirt and dust.

Invest in a Good Filter

Your HVAC system does more than regulate the air temperature in your home. It’s also the front liner in stopping dust from getting inside your space. How well your HVAC does the job depends on its filter. A cheap filter often has a MERV rating of six or lower. MERV refers to Minimum Efficiency Rating Value. You need a filter with a MERV value of 11 or higher. It will be able to stop dander, dust, and mold from getting inside your home.

Deep Clean HVAC Systems Per Quarter

Your home’s HVAC system also traps dust. These trapped particles are then pushed out once you turn your air conditioner on. It’s why you should have a professional cleaning company work on it. They can deep clean it every quarter. They can also do a general cleanup of the AC vents once a month.

These vents are easy to clean. You can vacuum or dust them. You can also run a microfiber cloth over them. Most grilles are easy to remove. You can pop them in the dishwasher or clean them by hand.

Take Extra Care of Carpets and Upholstery

Do you have wall-to-wall carpeting? That could become a problem in the long run because dust and dirt lurk in carpets and rugs. Curtains and your sofa’s upholstery are also dust magnets. The dirt from our shoes or the dust blown in from outside will settle into these fibers.

Cleaning these pieces at least once a week is the best solution. You might have to vacuum more often in places with more traffic, like the kitchen. Make sure you also empty out the vacuum cleaner bag often. It’s what the best cleaning service does after every project. They also change the vacuum cleaner filters on a regular basis. You should also take small rugs outside to beat the dust out of them. Launder washable rugs at least once a month. Don’t forget to sweep or vacuum under the rugs as well.

Work on Keeping Dust Out

The best way to ensure a dust-free house is to stop these particles from getting inside. You can take off your shoes at the door. Having dedicated footwear for the home can help. Doormats are a good option too. Place them outside the door to get rid of the dirt from your shoes. It won’t get rid of it 100% but it will cut the amount that goes in. You should also make sure there are no gaps in your home’s openings. Place draft excluders on doors. Check windows and make sure they’re sealed tight.

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