Best Methods for Cleaning Pews Church Post-Pandemic

The word “pew” conjures up images of solemn churches and prayer. The dictionary defines a pew as an extended bench. It’s placed in rows in the main area of churches. It serves as the seat for the congregation.

Most people believe church pews have a long history. But it’s not as long as some people think. Pews also came about due to the Protestant Reformation. Sermons during their services were such long discourses. Worshippers needed to sit down and focus on the teachings.

Pews are such an essential part of churches now. This means they should also get the care and respect it deserves. Pews church are often full of parishioners attending the worship services. They sit and kneel on them. They also place their hands and sundry possessions on them. It’s why cleaning and sanitizing pews should be a vital part of the cleaning services company’s tasks.

Most churches have an in-house cleaning team. But it’s best if you leave the deep cleaning of pews to professional cleaners. This should happen once a month. But cleaning and polishing pews should also happen after every Mass. Especially since the coronavirus is still lingering. There are also best practices to follow to ensure every seat is clean and safe to use.

Working on Wood Pews

The best cleaning service would first identify what wood finish they’re facing. Most wooden benches will either have a hard finish or an oil finish. This will determine what kind of cleaning solution is good to use.

A hard finish responds well to a mild detergent. You can make your own by mixing a tablespoon of detergent with three gallons of water. Moisten a clean cloth with this solution and wipe down the wood. You can use the same cleaning solution on oil finishes too. Scrub the pew with a soft cloth. Rinse with a second cloth. Keep scrubbing while rinsing. Finish the process by drying with a third microfiber cloth.

You’ll need a different sanitizing solution if you want to disinfect the pews. You can use a white vinegar and water mixture for this. Mix one cup each of vinegar and water. Add about five drops of liquid dishwashing soap. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution and start wiping down the surface. Use a fresh cloth to dry and polish the pew.

Cleaning Pew Upholstery

Many churches have pews with cushions and backrests. These should also become cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Start by vacuuming the pew cushions. Use an upholstery attachment to do a wide sweep. Follow it up with a crevice attachment to ensure you get the dirt out of the crevices and seams.

Spray a water-based upholstery cleaning solution on the pew. Rub the cushions with a gentle motion. This will loosen the dirt. Leave the solution for five minutes. Wipe clean with another cloth.

A fabric sanitizer is an effective way of disinfecting pew cushions. Dampen the cushion’s surface. Let the solution set for several minutes. Finish the job by wiping it dry. You can also disinfect a cushioned seat with oxygen bleach. Mist the cushions and let them air dry.

You can also opt to have the pew cushions steam cleaned by professionals. The process is more challenging but well worth it. Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor to disinfect fabrics. It’s very effective in getting rid of germs and bacteria.

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