No-Fail Office Organization Ideas for Work

Many office managers do several things if they want to boost productivity. One is to have them attend a time-management seminar. Other options would be to divide up the tasks or invest in the relevant software.

A better idea would be to consider using good office organization ideas for work. Anyone who spent ten minutes looking for a document will understand. There’s also a chance they’re beating themselves up. It’s because the said document was under a massive pile of folders and magazines.

Statistics show employees spend around one and a half hours a day looking for something. It also impacts workers’ focus and increases their stress levels. You need to ramp things up and make sure your workspace is clean and organized. So get a move on and consider these options:

Audit the Space

The best way to avoid clutter is to pare down the things you need to organize. A typical desk will have carryalls for pens, folders, and staplers. There are notepads and books. Some have a picture or two of their loved ones. Others have the whole caboodle, from photos to plants.

It will be easier to keep things organized at work if you only have the bare necessities on your desk. This could mean your laptop, a notepad, and a pen. You can keep one picture or plant if you want. Stow the other items in drawers but make sure they’re organized as well.

Keep Wires Out of Sight

It’s annoying to see clusters of wires hanging off desks or trailing on the floor. It’s also an accident waiting to happen. You should try to keep them out of sight. Place your charge in your desk drawer once you’re done using it. Use binder clips to hide wires. Attach little hooks to hang cables from on the edge of your desk.

Organizing cables and wires will benefit you. You’ll be able to move unhindered. The lack of visual clutter will help you focus and reduce stress. It will also make office cleaning easier.

Decide on Work Zones

You should set up zones for specific work you do. Every cubicle has a space for a computer. But what if you need to read and study a manual? Work zones are a good way to keep things organized. You can put the things you need in a particular zone. You can work faster and in a more efficient manner.

Keep Control of the Sticky Notes

There’s no denying the usefulness of sticky notes. They can help remind you of things you need to do. But it’s so easy for a desk to be full of sticky notes. These can make things overwhelming and confusing. So limit the number of notes you stick on your desk or laptop. A better method is to have a desktop calendar or planner. It doesn’t take up a lot of space. It will also keep you organized.

Put Labels on Everything

Any office will be better off if they put labels on everything. Put labels on every box, drawer, and shelf. Get a Dynamo and start sticking labels on cables, desk organizers, and chairs. So what if it looks as if someone has extreme OCD? You’ll at least know where everything is. You won’t have to waste time asking people where you can find the staple wires or printer paper.

Get Organized and Productive

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